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Unit 1 CCA Review

Quiz by Ann Okafor

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  • Q1
    A valid conclusion drawn from these facts is that Roman women—
    Question Image
    Could hold political offices
    Had some legal rights
    Had the right to vote
    Were equal to men
  • Q2
    The information on the map describes the spread of—
    Question Image
  • Q3
    The political ideas developed in Athens of Ancient Greece and in Republican Rome influenced the development of—
    communist government in China
    theocracy in Iran
    military juntas in Latin America
    democracy in America
  • Q4
    One explanation for the fall of the Roman Empire was that it—
    banned long-distance trade causing economic strain
    grew too large to govern the territories effectively
    refused the aid of foreign mercenaries
    required devotion to a single religion
  • Q5
    How did Rome’s geography influence the development of the Roman Empire?
    Question Image
    The lengthy, rugged seacoast encouraged frequent invasions by hostile foreigners
    The central location of the peninsula contributed to Roman control of the Mediterranean region
    A harsh climate prevented sufficient agricultural production
    Unnavigable rivers in the northern part of the peninsula protected the Romans from their neighbors
  • Q6
    Because it illustrates government, job specialization and social class structure, the diagram above best represents—
    Question Image
    features of civilization
    factors that led to the Neolithic Revolution
    the impact of geography on the ancient world
    a monotheistic society
  • Q7
    Which of the following was a result of the mountainous terrain of Greece?
    Greek city-states did not have to import most of their food
    Barbarians constantly threatened city-states
    Foreign armies could easily invade by land
    City-states developed mostly independent of each other
  • Q8
    The Republic in Rome governed according to—
    Government that is controlled by a select few wealthy individuals.
    Total control of the Empire by rule of a dictator.
    Government that forces the citizens to pay taxes & obey laws that a king made.
    Election of a Representative senate that chose the Consuls.
  • Q9
    Which generalization about the Roman Empire can be made based on the information shown in this chart?
    Question Image
    Olive oil was the most important of the Roman trade goods.
    Expansion of the empire provided access to many trade goods.
    Rome traded only outside of the empire.
    Conquered areas were required to build structures with marble from Greece.
  • Q10
    What conclusion can best be drawn from the development shown below?
    Question Image
    The Phoenician, Greek, and Latin alphabet were unrelated
    A people’s culture often has a strong influence on its institutions
    The spread of ideas often has little impact on culture
    The alphabet spread from Phoenicia to Greece later to Rome
  • Q11
    Which culture became known for building marble temples with ideal proportions, statues of athletes with ideal feature, and the first works of drama and history?
    Ancient Greece
    Ancient Egypt
    The Persian Empire
    The Roman Empire
  • Q12
    Who were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle?
    Consuls of the Roman Republic
    Philosophers of ancient Greece
    Religious leaders of the ancient Hebrews
    Pharaohs of ancient Egypt
  • Q13
    What conclusions can be drawn about these two different structures?
    Question Image
    Art and architecture were unimportant elements in each society
    Use of technology allowed for complex architectural achievements
    They both had a complex social structure and political system
    Both developed along rivers and relied extensively on farming
  • Q14
    Based on the information on this map, which location represents the easternmost spread of Buddhism from its starting point of expansion?
    Question Image
  • Q15
    Which Chinese philosophy best completes this graphic organizer?
    Question Image

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