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Unit 1 - Colonization Era

Quiz by Grace Ekwue

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32 questions
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  • Q1
    Jamestown was founded for ___.
  • Q2
    Why was the Mayflower Compact important?
    It weakened the influence of religion in government.
    It established a form of self-government.
    It gave colonists more rights in local government.
    It limited power of future colonial government.
  • Q3
    When was the Mayflower Compact signed?
  • Q4
    William Penn founded Pennsylvania to ___.
    provide a refuge for persecuted Christians of all sects
    provide a refuge for persecuted English Quakers
    establish self government
    provide a refuge for English debtors.
  • Q5
    The Colonization Era (1607-1763) is a time period when ____.
    farming was the main economic activity in the colonies
    there was increased conflict between the English colonies
    there was conflict between the Mother Country and colonies
    Europeans settled the New World, including the 13 colonies.

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