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Unit 1: Digital Information - Formative Quiz

Quiz by McCartney, Callie R

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  • Q1

    Convert the decimal (base-10) number 19 to binary (base-2)

    0001 0011

    0001 0101

    0001 0111

    0001 0001

  • Q2

    Convert the (base 10) number 101 to ASCII.

    Question Image





  • Q3

    Pixar is a company that creates a HUGE amount of images, audio recordings and videos. They need to decide what compression algorithms to use on those files. When would Pixar most likely use Lossless Compression?

    When saving audio clips to embed in stuffed animals. For example, Buzz Lightyear's quote "To infinity and beyond!"

    When saving the rendered 3D images that will become the film.

    When saving images of the characters for the film's website.

    When saving the videos the film trailers for uploading to YouTube.

  • Q4

    The RBG encoding scheme encodes a color using 24-bit sequences. The first 8 bits encode the amount of red in the color, the next 8 bits encode the amount of green in the color, and the last 8 bits encode the amount of blue in the color.

    Which of the following is a true statement about the color encoded by the binary sequence:

    (250, 150,15)

    This color is mostly blue.

    This color is mostly red.

    This color is mostly green.

    This color has no blue in it.


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