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Unit 1 - Early Humans

Quiz by Ellen Masters

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    People who study the past are most like
  • Q2
    An object made or used by people in the past is called
    a document
    a theory
    an artifact
    a ritual
  • Q3
    Why do historians read diaries and letters from the past?
    to agree on plans for the future
    to find out what happened and why
    to learn to speak an ancient language
    to compare their ideas of history
  • Q4
    A prehistoric object is one that comes from a time
    before people lived in cities
    before electricity was discovered
    before history was written
    before humans hunted animals
  • Q5
    What is the evidence that prehistoric cave artists built wood structures (scaffolding) to stand on?
    The ancient planks are still there.
    Pictures of the scaffolding have been found.
    Many trees grew in the area.
    Some paintings are too high to be reached from the floor.
  • Q6
    If ancient paintings were found in a cave, which of these questions would be the hardest to answer?
    How did people make the paint?
    What did people paint pictures of?
    Why did people paint in caves?
    What did people use for paint brushes?
  • Q7
    Which clue to the past has been found near the artwork displayed in parts of caves?
    prayer books for ceremonies
    maps of the land nearby
    lamps for burning animal fat
    masks in the shape of birds
  • Q8
    Why are ancient hand prints found on cave walls very small?
    The prints were made by children.
    The smaller members of the group stayed home to paint.
    The cave ceilings were very low.
    People long ago were not as big as people today.
  • Q9
    What does this ancient spear thrower, with its detailed carving, indicate about the person who may have used it?
    Question Image
    This person prayed to animals.
    This person was a hunter.
    This person was very strong.
    This person was a skilled painter.
  • Q10
    Which question about the past does cave art most help to answer?
    What did people look like?
    What did geometric shapes mean?
    What animals lived in the area?
    What language did people speak?

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