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Unit 1 Review

Quiz by Brooke Hughes

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following measurement(s) has three significant figures?
    Question Image
    A only
    B and C
    A, B, and C
    A and C
  • Q2
    Jordan is doing a science fair project on the effects of music on the growth of tomatoes. He has two tomato plants, Plant A and Plant B, that he grows in a window and gives the same amount of water. Plant A is exposed to classical music using headphones attached to the soil. Throughout the growth period, Jordan counts the number of tomatoes produced by each plant. The amount of water given to the plants would be considered the —
    dependent variable
    independent variable
  • Q3
    These data were gathered by four groups of students. Each group performed four trials to determine the acceleration rate of a toy car. Which group had the most precise data?
    Question Image
    Group Q
    Group R
    Group S
    Group T
  • Q4
    Which piece of lab equipment would be the BEST to use when accurately measuring a liquid volume?
    Volumetric Flask
    Erlenmeyer Flask
    Graduated Cylinder
  • Q5
    Measure the length of the line from the ruler illustrated. Be sure to report your measurement with correct significant figures (estimate a digit).
    Question Image
    8.0 cm
    8.5 cm
    8.50 cm
    9.00 cm
  • Q6
    What volume should be reported for the solution in this graduated cylinder?
    Question Image
    24 mL
    24.0 mL
    36 mL
    20.4 mL
  • Q7
    Calculate 4.392 grams + 102 grams + 2.51 grams. (Hint: Notice the units in the problem are NOT the same units given in all the answer choices.)
    0.1 kilograms
    108902 kilograms
    109 kilograms
    0.109 kilograms
  • Q8
    A small fire may be contained by —
    smothering it with a beaker.
    waiting until it burns out.
    place it carefully in water.
    covering it with a fire blanket.
  • Q9
    In 1967, 34 million metric tons of fertilizers were used in the United States. According to the graph, how many more metric tons of fertilizers were used 30 years later?
    Question Image
    16 million
    25 million
    84 million
    64 million
  • Q10
    Which GHS Pictogram represents a hazard that is corrosive?
    Question Image

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