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Unit 1 test

Quiz by Cespedies, Nickie

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  • Q1
    What is summarizing?
    Making a text shorter by giving only the important details and putting it in your own words.
    To give a long description of a text.
    To make a text shorter than its original format.
    To make a summary of a story or text.
  • Q2
    Summarize the following " The person driving the bus drove quickly to the the right to avoid hitting another vehicle"
    The man driver got out of the way quickly to avoid an accident.
    The bus driver swerved to avoid hitting into another car.
    The person driving the bus swerved to the right to avoid a real bad accident.
    The bus driver swerved to the right to avoid an accident.
  • Q3
    Summarize the following "My mother's sister Joy, goes by the community shelter from Sundays to Saturdays to help out with cooking and cleaning"
    Aunty, goes by the community shelter from Sundays to Saturdays assist with cooking and cleaning.
    Aunty Joy, goes by the community shelter from Sundays to Saturdays assist with cooking and cleaning.
    Aunt Joy attends the community shelter daily to offer help.
    My mother's sister goes by the community's shelter to help old people.
  • Q4
    What does it it mean to make an inference?
    You make a good guess and hope its correct.
    You make an educated guess based on evidence.
    You make a logical guess based on all you have seen.
    You read and say whether the information is fact or opinion.
  • Q5
    Make an inference " The boy ran frantically from the old abandoned house screaming and shaking uncontrollably"
    His friends whom he had gone with scared him almost to death.
    The boy had a terrifying experience.
    The boy committed a crime and knew he was about to get caught.
    The boys mother told him never to go to the house and he still went with hi friends and now he is going to get it from his mom.
  • Q6
    Make an inference "Mr. Bellamy marches into the gym with a furious look on his face holding several white envelopes in his hand."
    Mr. Bellamy just heard some bad news that he might might have to leave school for the day, however he will stop at the post office first.
    Mr. Bellamy is about to handout suspension letters to students.
    Mr. Bellamy is tired of his job and decides to write several bad students a letter and tell them how he feels.
    He had to break up a fight in the hallway on hallway on his way to the gym.
  • Q7
    Which of the following is no an element of literature?
  • Q8
    Setting may include all or some of the following...
    the time , place, location, era, weather and climate.
    personification, simile, time.
    only place and time.
    the beach, school, on the bus. or in a park.
  • Q9
    In a narrative a characters are ...
    the people talking in a story.
    all the people and things that take part in the story's plot.
    The talking trees and animals.
    The people that bring the story to life.
  • Q10
    All the chain of events that make up a story is called the _________
    plot mountain
  • Q11
    What is a theme of a story?
    The rising action in a story.
    What the author wants his readers to know.
    The persons or things that take part in a story.
    The moral or the central message of a story that the author is trying to get across to the reader.
  • Q12
    What is a fictional story?
    A story that has the elements of literature.
    A story that is true to life.
    Stories that are factual.
    A story that has been made up.
  • Q13
    What is symbolism in a story?
    This is like a black cat that means bad luck.
    All the details that create imagery in a story.
    The symbols an author draws and uses to help with illustrations.
    An object, person or image that represents something other than its literal meaning.
  • Q14
    What is imagery?
    The pictures that are used to illustrate a story .
    This is the use of figurative language and descriptions that appeal to the five senses to create a picture in the reader's mind.
    When the author describes each character in detail.
    The images that represent what the story is really about.
  • Q15
    Label the Plot Mountain in the correct order.
    exposition, rising action, plot, resolution.
    setting, characters,climax, resolution.
    setting, characters, plot, climax, resolution.
    exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution.

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