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Unit 1 Test Review

Quiz by Adrian Deese

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    What innovation had the GREATEST impact on westward migration immediately after the American Civil War?
    transcontinental railroad
    gold rush
  • Q2
    In the mid-1800s, why did so many people flock to California?
    to be the first to explore an uncharted territory
    the hope of becoming successful tobacco farmers
    for better agricultural opportunities in the Rocky Mountains
    the lure of striking it rich with mining gold
  • Q3
    The factory worker that could be of assistance with climbing up machines and fixing technical problems due to nimber fingers was typically
  • Q4
    Child labor laws and safety became an issue when workers formed these to look out for their interests
    factory operators
    democratic working committees
    labor unions
  • Q5
    The Industrial Revolution had positive and negative outcomes, like creating new jobs but losing the natural habitat of the land. What would be another negative outcome of the industrial revolution?
    women in the workforce
    improved transportation
    produced more goods faster
    poor working conditions
  • Q6
    What challenges could urbanization and mechanization present factory workers living in the cities?
    suffragist protests
    overcrowding and pollution
    clean water and tenement areas
    unfair job opportunities
  • Q7
    Which statement would best describe what happened to Native Americans because of Westward Expansion?
    Their economy increased due to white settler interest in their goods.
    Native Americans could now hold public offices in the West.
    They were forced to move from their homeland onto reservations.
    They were given new lives and better opportunities
  • Q8
    According to this image, which statement is true about the concept of Manifest Destiny?
    Question Image
    the settlers were enslaves by the Natives
    settlers could now take boats to cross over America
    the Natives were forced to flee from the settlers
    the railroads caused major transportation problems
  • Q9
    Which area of America saw the greatest percentage increase in urban population due to the transcontinental railroad?
  • Q10
    Which of the following is a way that the buffalo population was affected during Westward Expansion?
    ex-Civil War soldiers were hired by railroad companies to shoot them
    President Lincoln put them on the endangered animals list
    Protesters chose to save the buffalo population when America realized the population had decreased
    Many buffalo were placed in Northern zoos for protection
  • Q11
    Why did President McKindley go to war with Spain?
    American slaves were receiving weapons from Spain
    He wanted to make the region safe for American business with Spain-controlled territories
    Spain had attacked Pearl Harbor and war was inevitable
    Spain had violated a treaty from World War I
  • Q12
    GUAM*THE PHILIPPINES*PUERTO RICO: All of these territories were a part of which event in American history?
    Korean War
    Spanish-American War
    Cuban Missle Crisis
    World War I
  • Q13
    Which event had the biggest impact on the lives of Native Americans in the mid-1800s?
    the Gold Rush
    the steamboat invention
    the Spanish-American War
    the Civil War
  • Q14
    What event had a devastating impact on Native Americans?
    the cotton mills of the South
    the tobacco farming decline
    the decreased buffalo population
    the mechanization of the North
  • Q15
    What problems would westward travelers face in their trek to the West?
    snowy winters
    mountainous terrain
    all of the above
    raging rivers

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