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9 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the restaurant reception roles
    Host, Wine waiter, receptionist
    Receptionist, cashier, Host
    Receptionist, Head Waiter
    Cashier, Waiter, Barista
  • Q2
    What are roles in the restaurant?
    Chef de Rang, Head waiter, Waiter, Sommelier
    Chef de Rang, Head waiter, Receptionist
    Commis Waiter, Chef, Head Waiter
    Bar tender, Barista, waiter
  • Q3
    Identify three tasks that are carried out during a table service.
    Beverages are brought to them/ cleared, Bill is brought to the table, say good by
    Bar person says good morning, Head waiter says hello, look after customers.
    Customer’s order is taken by a waiter at the table, Cutlery is laid for the customer, take coats
    Customer’s order is taken by a waiter at the table, Cutlery is laid for the customer, Food items are brought to them/ cleared, Beverages are brought to them/ cleared, Bill is brought to the table
  • Q4
    State the name of service when customers help themselves from a salad bar
    Plated service
    Self service
    Silver service
  • Q5
    Name two events when assisted service would be a suitable style of service
    Conferences, Weddings, Charity dinners, Award ceremonies, Proms/Balls
    Table service in top restaurant, Weddings
    Gueridon service, promms, Charity dinners
    Conference, Wedding Buffet
  • Q6
    Give two reasons why good customer service is important in a food and beverage establishment
    Repeat customers, makes money
    Staff retention, bad for business
    Dissatisfied Staff, Good reputation
    Good business reputation/image, Encourages repeat customers, Ensures customer satisfaction, Retains staff
  • Q7
    State two hygiene considerations that must be made in relation to current regulations for a carvery/buffet service.
    Prepared for service, clean uniform
    Everything in place, nothing in place
    Good first impression, Everything in its place, Prepared for service
    Wash hands, have a shower
  • Q8
    What is the correct action to take if a customer is not enjoying their meal?
    Tell other staff, tell them to get on with it
    Inform Supervisor, not your station/section
    Ignore the problem, find out what the problem is
    Find out what the problem is, Inform supervisor
  • Q9
    State one advantage of clearing as much off a table in one visit.
    Disrupt the customers
    Good customer care
    Maintains a professional image, Efficiency, Speed/avoids delays, Minimum customer disruption

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