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Unit 12: Immigration / Art & Literature / Reform

Quiz by Brenda Nathman

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  • Q1
    negative factors that cause people to leave a country
    Push factors
  • Q2
    positive factors that cause immigrants to move to a new country
    Pull factors
  • Q3
    failure of the staple crop in Ireland that caused millions of Irish come to America during the 1840s
    Potato famine
  • Q4
    Overcrowding - housing was cramped, unhealthy and expensive; disease spread; crime flourished; prejudice grew; Know-Nothing Party
    Negative effects of immigration
  • Q5
    Native-born Americans who were prejudice against and discriminated against immigrants -refused to hire them and did not want them to hold political offices; formed the Know-Nothing Party
  • Q6
    Writers and painters began to celebrate nature, the wilderness, the west and America's past; writers began using American slang & spelling
    Changes in Art & Lit
  • Q7
    influential group of painters in NY in the mid 1800s that painted huge landscapes of nature scenes instead of the traditional subjects of portraits and religion
    Hudson River School
  • Q8
    philosophy that teaches the spiritual is more important than the physical and that people can find truth within themselves
  • Q9
    refusal to obey laws that one considers to be unjust as a form of peaceful protest; this idea influenced important leaders in the 20th Century, including Martin Luther King, Jr
    civil disobedience
  • Q10
    transcendentalist who did not support the Mexican war or slavery; he practiced civil disobedience by not paying his taxes (that would go to support the war) and was sent to jail
    Henry David Thoreau
  • Q11
    renewal of religious devotion in the early 1800 that changed society and brought about reform movement because Americans began to believe that they could improve society
    Second Great Awakening
  • Q12
    campaign to get people to stop drinking alcohol; supported by women and business owners
    temperance movement
  • Q13
    a group of workers who band together to seek better working conditions; in mid-1800s fought for shorter hours - higher wages
    labor union
  • Q14
    education reformer, led the way for educational reform; pushed for public high schools; first public high school established in Boston, Mass
    Horace Mann
  • Q15
    asked the Massachusetts legislature to improve the care of mentally disabled; her efforts led to the opening of 32 hospitals to care for the mentally ill
    Dorothea Dix

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