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Unit 2

Quiz by Peck

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  • Q1
    A bicameral legislative structure
    a division of a congress or state legislature that has two parts
    a separation of 3 houses: federal and state
    a house of delegates
  • Q2
    Representation at the House of Representatives is based on:
    a fixed amount of senators
    percentage of taxes
    state population size
  • Q3
    One power that the Senate has is:
    approving treaties
    approving presidential appointments
    collecting taxes
  • Q4
    One special power of the House of Representatives would be
    establishing post offices
    they bring charges against a person for impeachment
  • Q5
    The final step of the lawmaking process would be
    The president signs the bill into a law
    goes to committee for discussion
    The House of Representatives vote on a bill
    that the bill is introduced in the Senate
  • Q6
    The Maryland General Assembly is responsible for
    coining money
    setting up state budgets
    Set up post offices
    Declaring war
  • Q7
    A referendum is:
    used when there is a tie in the state government
    a question that voters must answer on a ballot
    allows citizens to propose a law directly to the state legislature
    used when laws are about children
  • Q8
    When politicians use demographic data to study voting outcomes it influences
    who wins the superbowl
    your mom
    policies and programs that are needed for citizens
  • Q9
    The ___________________ is part of the legislative branch (at the national level)
    executive branch
    the cabinet
    supreme court
  • Q10
    The "elastic clause" gives Congress implied power to act in areas not specifically expressed in the Constitution at the time it was written. Congress is exercising its power under the "elastic clause" when it
    prohibits export taxes
    establishes a post office
    declares war on foreign nations
    authorizes the testing of nuclear weapons
  • Q11
    Over the past 50 years, many Americans have moved from Northeast and the Midwest to the South and West. As a result of this population shift, the South and the West have gained influence in
    the Senate
    the House of Representatives
    the Supreme Court
    the State Department
  • Q12
    Why might a state legislature chose to gerrymander?
    place a referendum on the ballot
    to add an amendment to the Constitution
    give one political party an advantage in an election
    Gain more House seats for your state

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