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Unit 2, Lesson 1: Welcome to The internet

Quiz by McCartney, Callie R

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    Digital Information is: 


    Discrete/specific/limited values LIMITED STORAGE SPACE



  • Q2

    What is Analog Information?

    Real, Infinite, Continuous

    Storable on a computer 

    Uses a sample technique to create a finite # of values to represent the real thing

    Discrete/specific/limited values 

  • Q3

    What is the Internet?

    The way that computers connect to computers.  Distributed network for sharing information.

    Only wireless information sharing.

    Continents are not connected because we can't put cables under the ocean

    Where we are physically connected to every single other computer 1 to 1

  • Q4

    What is a Distributed Network Like?

    Question Image

    Reliable, Safe, Scalable

    Not reliable

    Not Safe

    Not Scalable

  • Q5

    Why is a Distributed Network More Reliable and Safer?

    Question Image

    Hard to make large network even bigger

    Lots of different paths for information to travel on (think roads if one has construction)

    Simple system to just connect every computer to one router

    Fragile.  Dr. Evil can just blow up the one router

  • Q6

    What are the 3 types of internet cables?

    Light, sound, energy

    Fiber Optic, Sound, Ethernet

    Fiber Optic, Ethernet/Coax, and Wireless

    Radio, sound, light


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