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Unit 2 Reteach

Quiz by Joseph Robinson

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  • Q1
    In what way is the formal amendment process an example of federalism at work?
    The Federal judicial branch proposes all amendments
    Amendments are proposed and ratified at the federal level
    Amendments are approved by a majority of State governors.
    Proposal is at the national level; ratification State-by-State.
  • Q2
    Anti- Federalists shared a number of characteristics and beliefs including all of the following, EXCEPT
    Tendency to originate from more rural, agricultural regions
    Support for a Bill of Rights
    Focus on States’ rights
    Support for a stronger National Government
  • Q3
    Congress approving Supreme Court Justices appointed by the President is an example of a
    check by the legislative branch on the judicial branch.
    check by the executive branch on the judicial branch
    check by the executive branch on the legislative branch
    check by the legislative branch on the executive branch.
  • Q4
    All of the following are examples of powers granted to the executive branch EXCEPT
    May nominate Supreme Court justices.
    May overrule a Supreme Court decision by issuing an executive order
    May pardon people found guilty of crimes.
    May veto legislation proposed by Congress.
  • Q5
    Which of the following is NOT true as relates to the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?
    It forbids the government from taking private property for public use
    It deals with rights of those accused of crimes.
    It guarantees protection against testifying against oneself.
    It prevents one from being tried twice for the same crime.
  • Q6
    What is the best answer for the reason the Constitutional Convention was held?
    To revise the Articles of Confederation
    To ratify the Bill of Rights
    To write a new constitution
    To declare independence from England
  • Q7
    Which statement BEST describes the U.S. government under the Articles of Confederation?
    A weak federal government with limited power
    A federal government with unlimited power
    A federal government with veto power
    A strong federal government with broad power
  • Q8
    _______________ is a system of government that divides powers between national, state, and local governments
    Limited Government
    Checks and balances
    Rule of Law
  • Q9
    Which explains how a problem was solved by the Constitution? Problem: Small states and large states could not agree on how power should be divided in the legislature.
    The Framers developed the Virginia Plan.
    The Framers developed the Connecticut Plan.
    The Framers came developed the New Jersey Plan.
    The Framers developed a States’ Rights Plan.
  • Q10
    What did some of the Framers of the Constitution fear might happen if they did not include a Bill of Rights?
    The government would not be strong enough to be effective
    The people would overthrow the national government.
    A too powerful government might abuse its citizens.
    The judicial branch would not ratify the Constitution.
  • Q11
    Addresses rights not listed, or enumerated, in the Constitution
    9th Amendment
    7th Amendment
    5th Amendment
    10th Amendment
  • Q12
    Provides for a trail by jury in a civil case, involving money or property
    8th Amendment
    6th Amendment
    5th Amendment
    7th Amendment
  • Q13
    Addresses the methods for formally amending the Constitution
    Article 1
    Article 3
    Article 5
  • Q14
    One of many compromises established in the fight for ratifications, the Connecticut or "Great" Compromise centered on what issue?
    Interstate Trade
    Powers not specifically mentioned in the Constitution
    Expressed, Implied and Inherent Powers
    Delegated and Reserved Powers
  • Q15
    Balances power between the National and State government
    Limited Government
    Popular Sovereignty
    Separation of Powers

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