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Unit 2 Review

Quiz by Megan Thompson

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  • Q1
    In Canada, there are 520 farmers per sq km of arable land. This is an example of
    Demographic Density
    Arithmetic Density
    Agricultural Density
    Physiological Density
  • Q2
    A country that is overpopulated has exceeded its
    Demographic Stage
    Dependency Ratio
    Carrying Capacity
    Natural Increasee Rate
  • Q3
    Thompsonia's Population Pyramid shows that it is in
    Question Image
    Stage 1
    Stage 4
    Stage 2
    Stage 3
  • Q4
    Which of the following is correct?
    As women become more educated, the total fertility rate decreases
    As women become more educated, the total fertility rate increases
    Women in Stage 2 countries have low total fertility rates
    Women in Stage 4 countries have high total fertility rates
  • Q5
    Which stage of the demographic transition model has the biggest change in the natural increase rate?
    Stage 5
    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    Stage 3
  • Q6
    What did Thomas Malthus believe would be the consequence of continued population growth?
    Agricultural innovation due to increased food shortages
    Eventual population decline due to an imblanced sex ratio
    Mass famine due to lack of resources
    Environmental disaster due to exceeding carrying capacity
  • Q7
    Which is an example of an anti-natalist policy
    Tax reduction based on the amount of children
    Increased parental leave
    Ban on child marriage
    State funded college tuition
  • Q8
    Which type of migration are women most likely to engage in?
    Step Migration
    Intraregional Migration
    Chain Migration
    Internation Migration
  • Q9
    Which of the following is true?
    An MDC would have a high CBR and low CDR
    An LDC would have high CBR and CDR
    An LDC would have a low CBR and high CDR
    An MDC would have high CBR and CDR
  • Q10
    If a migrant stops along their journey because they have run out of money this would be
    An economic intervening opportunity
    An economic intervening obstacle
    An economic push factor
    An economic pull factor
  • Q11
    U.S. employers recruit more than 200,000 foreign workers each year to perform temporary, low-skill labor in farming, forestry, seafood processing, landscaping, tourism, construction, and other labor-intensive industries. These people are known as
    Asylum Seekers
    Economic Refugees
    Guest Workers
  • Q12
    Which of the following is a direct result of the Syrian Refugee Crisis?
    Increased anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe
    Rising crime in Europe
    Increased NIR in Syria
    Demographic stability in Syria
  • Q13
    An MDC would most likely have
    A low agricultural density
    A high GII score
    A high TFR
    A high IMR
  • Q14
    Based on its population pyramid, which of the following may be a challenge facing Romania?
    Question Image
    A high dependency ratio
    A high NIR
    An increasing IMR
    Anti-natlist sentiment
  • Q15
    In the epidemiological transition model, when would we see cancer emerge as a major cause of death?
    Stage 2
    Stage 1
    Stage 3

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