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Unit 2: The Internet Formative Quiz

Quiz by McCartney, Callie R

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  • Q1

    Pick the two statements that are true about the Internet Protocol (IP):

    sorting://True| Each device or computer on the Internet is assigned a unique IP address, IP is the shared way that all devices and computers label their messages with the sender and receiver's addresses: False| Each network on the Internet uses its own protocol to address messages, In order to communicate two devices on the Internet must have the same IP address, IP is a secret protocol shared between the sender and receiver

  • Q2

    This diagram shows a number of computing devices connected to the Internet with each line representing a direct connection. What is the MINIMUM number of paths that would need to be broken to prevent Computing Device A from connecting with Computing Device E?

    Question Image





  • Q3

    What is the reason for having the use of open protocols on the Internet?

    They ensure that data is kept secure during transmission

    They ensure that users all have equal bandwidth on the internet

    They allow devices to specify how data packets are going to be routed ahead of time

    They allow for standardization of transmitting data between devices

  • Q4

    What is in the metadata of an IP Packet?

    Choose all that Apply

    sorting://Metadata| Receiver IP Address, IP Packet Number, Total IP Packets in Message, IP Version Number (IPv4 or IPv6): Not Metadata| The Datastream, Encryption Key


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