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Unit 2 - translations

Quiz by Danuta Matczuk

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Moja ulubiona zabawka to mówiący pająk.

    My favourite toy is a talking spider.

    I  favourite toy is a talking spider.

    My favourite toys  are talking spiders.

  • Q2

    Ich kuzynka jest Greczynką.

    Their cousin is Greece.

    Their cousins are Greek.

    Our cousin is Greek.

    Their cousin is Greek.

  • Q3

    Czy Ty boisz się psów?

    Are you scared of dogs?

    Are you scared from dogs?

    Are you scary of dogs?

  • Q4

    Czy mogę pożyczyć Wasz globus?

    Can I borrow your globe?

    Can I borrow your globes?

    Can you borrow my globe?

    Can I borrow your's globe?

  • Q5

    Rolki Adama są niesamowite!

    Adams' roller skates are amazing!

    Adam's roller skate are amazing!

    Adam's roller skates is amazing!

    Adam's roller skates are amazing!

  • Q6

    My jesteśmy dobrzy w sztuczkach.

    We are good at tricks.

    They are good at tricks.

    We are good in tricks.

    We aren't  good at tricks.

  • Q7

    Te globusy są bardzo kolorowe.

    This globe isn't very colourful.

    These globes are very colourful.

    These globes aren't very colourful.

    This globe is very colourful.

  • Q8

    Amerykańskie filmy są ekscytujące.

    American films are typical.

    American films aren't  exciting.

    American films are exciting.

    American film is exciting.

  • Q9

    Szaleję na punkcie planszówek.

    I am crazy at board games.

    I am crazy in board games.

    I am crazy about board games.

    I is crazy about board games.

  • Q10

    Piórnik Soni jest świetny.

    Sonias' pencil case is great.

    Sonia pencil case is great.

    Sonia's pencil case isn't great.

    Sonia's pencil case is great.


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