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Unit 2 Week 3 Multiplication and Division Practice

Quiz by Sarah Gregorich

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Mrs. Smitorich is going to drive her car to Chicago. If she drives for 13 hours, going 65 miles per hour, how many miles will she drive total?
    5 miles
    745 miles
    545 miles
    845 miles
  • Q2
    Miss. Meeker picked up 6,935 cookies. She needs to split them into 19 boxes. How many cookies will go in each box so they are easier for her to carry?
    275 cookies
    365 cookies
  • Q3
    Mrs. Shreck is making 102 boxes of brownies. If each box makes 14 brownies, how many brownies will she have total when she is done?
    6 R 5
    1428 brownies
    7 R 3
    1324 brownies
  • Q4
    Mrs. Enos loves to plan science experiments. If she plans 12 experiments a week and there are 38 weeks of school, how many experiments will you do this year?
    456 experiments
    546 experiments
    5 R 2
    3 R 2
  • Q5
    What is the product of 2,354 x 18?
    129 R 2
    130 R 3
  • Q6
    A carnival charges $27 to enter. If 387 people come to the carnival in one night, how much money will be made?
  • Q7
    Mrs. Wheeler is busy running google meets! If she sees 46 students in one day, how many students does Mrs. Wheeler see in 30 days?
    381 students
    1,380 students
    341 students
    1 R 16

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