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Unit 2.2 Review

Quiz by Laikyn Skipper

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  • Q1
    Put the following images in the correct order of stellar evolution of a low/medium mass star?
    Question Image
    II, I, IV, III
    II, I, IV, III
    I, II, III, IV
    I, III, IV, II
  • Q2
    Which of the following is the oldest layer?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    Which of the following law states at that a layer of rock that cuts through other layers will be younger than the layers it cuts through?
    Law of Inclusion
    Law of Cross-cutting
    Law of Intrusion
    Law of Superposition
  • Q4
    Which of the following correctly explains why cosmic microwave background radiation is evidence for the Big Bang Theory?
    It shows that galaxies are moving in different directions throughout the universe.
    It shows that the universe is expanding at a smooth and constant rate.
    It shows that galaxies are moving away from the Earth in all directions.
    It shows that an explosion that generated a long time ago occurred and left the energy spread throughout the universe
  • Q5
    Which of the following statements BEST explains why nuclear fusion is important
    it is what causes stars to shrink
    it is what creates solar systems
    all elements in the universe are created through nuclear fusion
    all low atomic weight elements are created through nuclear fusion
  • Q6
    Which correctly contrasts the following celestial bodies?
    comets are made of rock and ice, while asteroids are made of rock and metal
    comets are made of rock and metal, while comets are just made of rock
    comets are made of rock and metal, while asteroids are made of rock and ice
    comets are made of rock and ice, while asteroids are just made of metal
  • Q7
    What is one cause of the shape of an analemma?
    Earth's composition
    Earth's elliptical orbit
    Earth's size
    Earth's location
  • Q8
    Using the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, what can you definitively interpret about a star?
    Its approximate temperature and brightness
    Its approximate temperature and color
    Its approximate temperature and life expectancy
    Its approximate brightness and life expectancy
  • Q9
    What is the first phase in any star's life cycle?
    Stellar nebula
    Planetary nebula
    Red Giant
  • Q10
    The half-life of C14 is about 5700 years. In a sample of rock, the parent to daughter ratio is 1:3. How old is the specimen?
    5700 years old
    10,450 years old
    21,300 years old
    11,400 years old
  • Q11
    This is a model demonstrating Kepler's Laws. If you were to use the same loop of string to draw an ellipse around each set of foci, which set would have the MOST eccentric ellipse?
    Question Image
    30 mm
    20 mm
    50 mm
    you cannot determine
  • Q12
    Which of the following is a significant piece of evidence that supports the Nebular Hypothesis?
    Scientists can use telescopes to observe solar systems forming throughout the universe.
    The characteristics of the planets support that they formed at the same time as the sun
    The sun's composition suggests that it formed after the planets
    All of our planets orbit in various patterns
  • Q13
    According to Kepler's First law, the pattern that the the planets orbit in is due to...
    the solar system having 2 foci instead of 1
    the solar system's composition
    the solar system's location in the galaxy
    the solar system having 1 foci instead of 2
  • Q14
    An anthropologist claims that he uncovered a specimen that is 1.6 billion years old. It contains 93.75% of a daughter isotope and 6.25% of the parent. If the half-life is 15 million years, is his claim valid?
    No, the specimen is 60 million years old
    Yes, the specimen is 1.6 billion years old
    No, the specimen is 30 million years old
    No, the specimen is 45 million years old
  • Q15
    Which of the following unconformities is cause by metamorphic rock?

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