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Unit 3: American Revolution

Quiz by Tammara Green

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What was one reason for the siege of Savannah during the American Revolution?
    end British military occupation of the city
    force Savannah businesses to provide military support to the Patriots
    force Savannah Loyalists to support the independence movement
    end the colonial blockade of British ships
  • Q2
    During the American Revolution, many people in Georgia called themselves Patriots. Which of these describes what Patriots supported?
    independence from Great Britain
    Great Britain and the colonies resolving their differences
    punishment for Georgia colonists who rebelled against Great Britain
    Georgia becoming a sovereign nation
  • Q3
    Hart County, Georgia was named for Nancy Hart. What role did Nancy Hart play in Georgia history?
    She was the first female senator from Georgia.
    She was a legendary heroine of the Revolutionary War.
    She was the wife of the first elected governor of Georgia.
    She started the first public school in Georgia.
  • Q4
    Which Revolutionary War battles took place in Georgia
    Battle of Kettle Creek and Siege of Savannah
    French and Indian War
    Civil War
    Battle of Bloody Marsh
  • Q5
    • Proclamation of 1763 • Stamp Act • Intolerable Acts What impact did the events in the list above have on colonial Georgia?
    They started a move toward independence from Britain
    They caused increased settlement on the Atlantic coast
    They encouraged Loyalists to move to the colony
    They caused rebellions by Native Americans
  • Q6
    The Introduction of a document ex: Declaration of Independence
    Intolerable Acts
    American Revolution
    Proclamation of 1763
  • Q7
    Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence
    Gwinnett, Hall, Walton
    Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
    Ben Franklin, Nancy Hart, Austin Dabney
    Ben Franklin and Lyman Hall
  • Q8
    Which of the following statements most accurately describes Georgia at the beginning of the Revolutionary War?
    Most Georgians strongly favored independence from England.
    Georgia relied heavily on trade with England.
    A culture of self-government had developed.
    The royal governor was very unpopular.
  • Q9
    Which reason explains why many Georgians continued to be Loyalists after Britain passed the Intolerable Acts?
    They wanted English settlements on the western frontier.
    They opposed the slave trade in all of the colonies.
    They benefited from economic ties to English merchants
    They believed that taxation required representation.
  • Q10
    1765; law that taxed printed goods, including: playing cards , documents, newspaper, etc.
    The Stamp Acts
    Boston Tea Party
    The Intolerable Acts
    Quartering Acts
  • Q11
    A secret organization that protested against the Stamp Act.
    Liberty Women
    Signers of the Declaration of Independence
    Black Lives Matter
    Sons of Liberty (Liberty Boys)
  • Q12
    Who drafted the Declaration of Independence?
    Austin Dabney
    Nancy Hart
    Thomas Jefferson
    Benjamin Franklin

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