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Unit 3, Lessons 1-3: What Computers do & Development Process

Quiz by McCartney, Callie R

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Which are Computer Inputs and which are Computer Outputs?

    sorting:// Inputs| data that are sent to a computer for processing by a program, touchpad, mouse, keyboard, microphone, scanner, joystick: Outputs| screen, speakers, vibration, printer, 

  • Q2

    user interface

    sorting:// User Interface| the inputs and outputs that allow a user to interact with a piece of software, buttons, menus, images, text, and graphics: Not User Interface| programming, user complaints, program purpose

  • Q3

    Development Process

    The method of not starting over when you make a mistake or find a better way because that's too hard and why learn anything, right?

    An effective method for reaching your goal: Planning and trying small steps at a time.  Retrying anything that doesn't work as well as you want.  Starting over if that's what will help you reach your goal. 

    The method of planning out your steps but then never changing the plan when you figure out that it wasn't perfect.

    The method of just trying something and going with it without really thinking about it

  • Q4

    Development Process

    sorting:// Iterative (making small improvements)| Feedback, Testing, Reflection: Incremental| Break the program down into manageable pieces, When Designing

  • Q5

    What  things do all computers do?

    Make noise

    Have screens

    Input and Output

    Input, Output, Storage, and Processing


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