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Unit 3 Test

Quiz by Bryant Miller

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  • Q1
    Individuals who attempted to expose corruption and inequality during the Progressive Era were known as
  • Q2
    The Progressive Movement wanted to -
    promote civil rights for African Americans
    protect big business interests
    expand America’s landholdings overseas
    give more political power to the public
  • Q3
    “Be it enacted by . . . Congress . . . (t)hat no producer, manufacturer, or dealer shall ship or deliver for shipment in interstate or foreign commerce, any article or . . . product of any mine or quarry situated in the United States, in which . . . children under the age of sixteen years have been employed or permitted to work . . .” This quote reflects the public’s support for the -
    elimintating child labor
    regulation of product transportation
    control of the mining industry
    limitation of foreign trade
  • Q4
    Which statement describes a referendum?
    A petition that indicates the public’s support for a vote on a bill
    The removal of a public official from office at the hands of the electorate.
    An opportunity for the public to accept or reject a proposed bill.
    The casting of votes in a confidential manner.
  • Q5
    The Progressive Movement had all of the following goals except -
    creating economic reform
    protecting social welfare
    fostering efficiency in the workplace
    promoting business monopolies
  • Q6
    With the increasing demand for steel, which adverse working condition became a common complaint of the labor movement?
    Long work shifts of twelve-hour days, six days a week
  • Q7
    Which statement best summarizes Theodore Roosevelt's position on trusts?
    The government should not get involved in regulating big business
    Some trusts were harmful to the public interest
    Trusts were legal and could not be abolished
    Trusts were a benefit to the nations economy
  • Q8
    Muckraker Ida Tarbell wrote about the -
    selfish motives behind the rise of the feminist movement and temperance leagues
    bribery schemes practiced by the owners of the nation's largest railroad systems
    ruthless methods used by the Standard Oil Company in its rise to power
    evils of the political machines found in large, eastern industrial cities
  • Q9
    Why did the US formulate the Open-Door Policy toward China?
    To prevent other countries from shutting the US out of trade with China
    to establish a military presence on the Chinese mainland
    To bring democracy to China
    to support Japanese efforts to industrialize China
  • Q10
    The Spanish-American War expanded the power of the United States by -
    obtaining Puerto Rico as an American territory
    gaining Haiti as a colonial territory
    opening up trade between the United States and Mexico
    gaining Panama as an American territory
  • Q11
    President Taft's Dollar Diplomacy -
    provided incentives to encourage immigration from Europe
    provided money to purchase Panama from France
    proposed giving money to Asia to promote trade
    urged American banks to invest in Latin America
  • Q12
    The Open Door Policy proposed by Secretary of State John Hay -
    established tariff-free policies for imports from England
    encouraged foreigners to immigrate to the United States
    eliminated immigration restrictions against the Chinese
    proposed equal trading rights in China
  • Q13
    President Woodrow Wilson's progressive platform was nicknamed the -
    New Freedom
    Dollar Diplomacy
    League of Nations
    Square Deal
  • Q14
    Why did American industrialists in the late 19th century generally support expansion into overseas colonies?
    Antitrust laws did not apply to American territories overseas.
    These areas would provide new sources of raw materials and customers.
    They believed that these regions would benefit from democratic government.
    American colonies would increase tariff revenues.
  • Q15
    Muckraker Upton Sinclair’s book “The Jungle” exposed the practices of what industry?

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