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Unit 3.1&3.2 Bus. Magt.

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    It is a legal agreement which prohibits employees from disclosing certain information about a company
    Confidentiality agreement
  • Q2
    The methods an organization uses to measure how effective the workforce is
    employee performance review
  • Q3
    A process of giving constructive suggestions to the employees by their reporting managers, supervisors and peers.
    employee feedback
  • Q4
    It requires trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication.
    A good work relationship
  • Q5
    Individuals or groups within a business such as employees, owners and managers
    Internal stakeholders
  • Q6
    It is the recruitment phase where the HR department carries out its recruitment function.
    The pre-hiring phase
  • Q7
    During this phase, the employee is settled in his new position in the company.
    The Post-Hire Phase
  • Q8
    During this phase, the employees are trained and oriented for their new positions in the company.
    The Training Phase
  • Q9
    It refers to a difference in the skills an employer is looking for versus the skills that candidates have.
    Skills gap
  • Q10
    It includes standard hiring procedures, such as in-office interviews, paper applications, and offers of full-time employment with benefits.
    Traditional staffing
  • Q11
    It includes independent contracting, part-time work, seasonal work, gig work (really popular for IT staffing), and more.
    Alternative staffing
  • Q12
    This is an example of Top Alternative Staffing Solutions.
    Virtual Job Fairs
  • Q13
    It defines the process by which a business - and the employees working for that business - ensure that state and federal regulations are followed.
    HR Legal Compliance
  • Q14
    This is an example of one important human resource law and mandate.
    Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
  • Q15
    It provides a comprehensive foundation for an organization by promoting consistency and outlining key details, such as employee expectations, organizational obligations, disciplinary procedures and behavior standards.
    Human resource (HR) policies

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