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Unit 3-6 Review 2

Quiz by Stacy Farris

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    A group of 22 people went bowling. Each person in the group paid $12 to bowl. Each person in the group also paid $3 to rent a pair of bowling shoes. What is the total amount the people in the group paid for the bowling and the bowling shoes?
  • Q2
    Mr. Olson has 11 horses on his ranch. He has 3 times as many cows as horses. The diagram can be used to represent the relationship between the number of horses on Mr. Olson's ranch and the number of cows on the ranch. Which number sentence can be used to find z, the total number of horses and cows on the ranch?
    Question Image
    z = 11 + 11 + 11 + 11
    z = 3 x 11
    z = 11 x 3 x 11
    z = 3 + 11 + 11 + 11
  • Q3
    An advertising company makes about 500 business cards every day. They also make 150 less pens than business cards each day. Which equation can be used to find x, the total number of business cards and pen the advertising company makes each day?
    x = 500 - 150
    x = 500 + 500 - 150
    x = 500 - 500 + 150
    x = 500 + 150
  • Q4
    A grocery store sells eggs in large cartons. The table shows the relationship between the number of cartons for sale and the number of eggs in the cartons. Which expression shows how to find the total number of eggs based on the number of cartons for sale?
    Question Image
    x 18
    ÷ 18
    - 17
    + 17
  • Q5
    The school cafeteria is making breakfasts to place in ice chests to be delivered to all the classrooms. *One ice chest for each classroom is being used to keep the items fresh. *There are 22 containers each of milk and juice inside each ice chest. *Each ice chest has 22 breakfast tacos. If there are a total of 35 classrooms, how many total items are being placed in all of the ice chests?

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