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Unit 3A CUA

Quiz by Katie Driver

Grade 6
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    Which country would be considered the most crowded?

    Question Image





  • Q2

    Why is English the official language of Belize?

    Question Image

    The British claimed the area.

    The Aztecs conquered the Spanish there.

    The Spanish settled the area.

    The Maya lived there.

  • Q3

    Why have Caribbean territories not worked hard to gain independence?

    Question Image

    They are all territories of the Netherlands

    They are ruled by a governor appointed by the parent country

    They are widely spread throughout the Lesser Antilles.

    They are economically dependent on their parent countries.

  • Q4

    Which of the following is one way language patterns in the Caribbean were affected by cultural diffusion?

    Question Image

    Languages from West Africa came to dominate the Caribbean.

    Several European languages replaced many indigenous languages.

    Spanish became the official language of the Caribbean islands.

    English eventually displaced other languages in the region.

  • Q5

    Cultures in the Caribbean vary widely, which is most likely due to -

    Question Image

    The close proximity of the islands.

    The Columbian Exchange

    Colonization by other nations

    Both A & B

  • Q6

    A relationship is represented between input and output in the table below. All of the religions matched with their correct location of the practice.

    Question Image
    True or False
  • Q7

    Using the map, which country in Central America does not have a border on the Pacific Ocean?

    Question Image





  • Q8

    Why do some of the countries in the Caribbean islands depend on imports to feed their growing population?

    Question Image

    Their agricultural equipment is outdated.

    The amount of useful land for farming is very limited.

    They are major producers of minerals for export.

    They employ most of their people in manufacturing.

  • Q9

    The origins of calypso music in the Caribbean region can be traced to the contributions of - 

    Question Image

    Mayans who regularly traveled to the region from Mexico

    British colonists that settled in the region in large numbers

    Spanish conquistadors that first landed on Hispaniola

    Africans who were brought to the region as enslaved people

  • Q10

    How did the American revolutionary ideals of liberty and human rights influence the Caribbean islands?

    Question Image

    Europeans prospered from the growing sugar industry.

    Enslaved Africans were inspired to fight their French rulers for freedom.

    Europeans colonized the Caribbean Islands.

    Spanish colonists created schools for the native people.

  • Q11

    Which statement about the climate of the Caribbean is accurate?

    Question Image

    Humidity is low year-round.

    Rainfall varies a little throughout the region.

    The rainy season is from November to April.

    Temperatures are high year-round.

  • Q12

    Based on the map, which of the following is a territory owned by France?

    Question Image

    Puerto Rico


    Cayman Islands


  • Q13

    The country of Panama is significant in terms of geography because -

    Question Image

    it is an isthmus that connects the continents of Europe and Africa

    it is an isthmus that connects the continents of North America and South America

    It is a peninsula that connects the continents of Europe and Africa.

    it is a peninsula that connects the continents of North America and South America

  • Q14

    What is unique about Lake Nicaragua?

    Question Image

    It is the largest lake in Central America with salt water.

    It is a freshwater lake with oceanic animals in it.

    it is the largest freshwater lake in North America.

    It is a freshwater lake formed by a volcano.

  • Q15

    Caribbean reggae music is well-known for lyrics that protest poverty and the lack of equal rights. Which of the following explains the reason for this?

    Question Image

    People in the audience ask for these types of songs.

    All of the musicians grew up in poverty.

    Recordings of these songs make the most money.

    Modern-day issues influence creative expressions.


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