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Unit 4 13 Colonies

Quiz by Justin Smyth

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is an example of the policy of mercantilism?
    England established the 13 colonies and tried to control trade there
    Maryland governor Leonard Calvert allowed colonists to elect an assembly.
    King Charles II imprisoned William Penn for preaching the Quakers' ideas.
    The Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact before landing in North America.
  • Q2
    Why did the Pilgrims and Puritans sail to America
    to escape their debt
    to practice their religion freely
    to get natural resources
    to look for gold
  • Q3
    The majority of colonists living in the 13 colonies came from which country
  • Q4
    The majority of people in the 13 colonies lived in
  • Q5
    Which are two reason why people came to America from England
    to make money and escape debt
    religion and search for spices
    natural resources and escape debt
    religion and to make money

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