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Unit 4: Early Antebellum Period

Quiz by Kyle Johnson

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    The Louisiana Purchase of 1803
    almost doubled the area of the U.S. and gave it control of the Mississippi River
    was a major cause of the Spanish-American War.
    pushed the Spanish below the Rio Grande in North America.
    resulted in increased conflict between the U.S. and France.
  • Q2
    Which area on the map was purchased from France in 1803?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    This cartoon refers to the Monroe Doctrine issued in 1823. The Monroe Doctrine was intended to prevent European expansion in
    Question Image
    South America
    southeast Asia.
    north Africa.
  • Q4
    The Monroe Doctrine can be viewed as a moral opposition to
  • Q5
    Which of these caused the United States to grow the most?
    the Gadsden Purchase
    the annexation of Alaska
    the Louisiana Purchase
    land won from the Mexican War
  • Q6
    Of these land acquisitions, which one doubled the size of the United States?
    Louisiana Purchase
    Oregon Territory
    Land Ordinance of 1787
    Gadsden Purchase
  • Q7
    The United States declared war on Great Britain in 1812 because
    British companies refused to pay debts to US banks.
    the British navy repeatedly seized American merchant ships.
    the British claimed rights to the territory of California
    the British navy sank an American warship
  • Q8
    This excerpt from a speech in 1823 was made by U.S. President
    Question Image
    Andrew Jackson
    John Adams.
    Thomas Jefferson.
    James Monroe.
  • Q9
    The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 is significant because it
    guaranteed universal suffrage.
    included provisions for territorial growth and the admission of new states
    gave free land to all settlers.
    balanced the number of free and slave states in the Union.
  • Q10
    The city of New Orleans was an important factor in Thomas Jefferson's desire to purchase the Louisiana Territory from France. Which of these is a primary reason for Jefferson's desire?
    New Orleans was key to accessing and controlling trade on the Mississippi River.
    Jefferson was concerned that New Orleans would fall into the hands of Great Britain.
    New Orleans was important to keeping a balance of "free" and "slave" areas in the country.
    Jefferson need to be assured that French culture would be limited and eventually eliminated here.
  • Q11
    After the Erie Canal was constructed
    there was a significant recession in New York.
    both trade and the number of jobs in New York declined.
    many people emigrated to the South.
    new cities were built along the shores of the Great Lakes.
  • Q12
    Which statement BEST explains the point of this passage by President Monroe?
    Question Image
    Mexico will soon be part of the United States
    The United States would be defeated in a war with Spain
    Latin America should not be retaken by European countries
    The United States will declare war on Spain.
  • Q13
    The period immediately after the War of 1812 was known as
    the Gilded Age.
    Jeffersonian Democracy
    the Era of Good Feelings
    Jacksonian Democracy.
  • Q14
    The War of 1812 resulted in
    the United States gaining control of Spain.
    the United States maintaining its previous strength
    Great Britain gaining control of Canada
    Great Britain agreed to end the practice of impressment.
  • Q15
    In the War of 1812, the United States
    fought Mexico for territory in the Southwest
    fought France for control of the Lousiana Territory.
    gained the Florida territory from the Spanish.
    responded to England’s attempts to restrict US trade in Europe

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