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Unit 4 Review

Quiz by Austin James

Grade 7
Social Studies (2018)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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18 questions
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  • Q1

    What is Jane Long known as?

    The Mother of Texas

    The Savior of Texas

    The Sister of Texas

    The Daughter of Texas

  • Q2

    Who were "The Old Three Hundred"?

    The 300 Spartans that held the pass at Thermopylae.

    The 300 Mexicans to drive out the Spanish.

    The first 300 settlers to join Steven F. Austin in his colony in Texas.

    The last 300 settlers alive in the Austin colony.

  • Q3

    What was the Louisiana Purchase?

    The rebellion of French-controlled Louisiana for independence.

    The war between France and the United States from 1800-1803.The war between France and the United States from 1800-1803.

    The portion of land French Emperor Nepoliean sold to the United States more than doubled the size of America at the time.

    The portion of land the United States sold to France for 3 million dollars.

  • Q4

    Green DeWitt...

    was the most influential Empresario that established Victoria.

    Being the 2nd best commander for Texas

    was the 2nd most influential Empresario and built Gonzales.

    was the most influential Empresarios and founded San Felipe de Austin.

  • Q5

    The Father of Texas was

    Moses Austin

    Stephan F. Austin

    Hayden Davis

    Erasmo Seguin 

  • Q6

    The Gutierrez - Magee Expedition...

    was a horse nabbing business in Spanish owned Texas

    had only one guy as their leader

    brought Catholicism to Texas

    brought Anglo-Americans and Tejanos together to fight the Spanish government. 

  • Q7

    Philip Nolan...

    took settlers from Texas colonies to colonies on the Mississippi river

    was the 1st Filibuster in Texas by taking horses from Spanish owned territory in Texas and sold them in America

    was the Emperor of Mexico

    led a revolution of peasants against the Spanish in Mexico City

  • Q8

    What was "Grito de Delores"?

    was a book that was written by Father Miguel Hidalgo

    was the name of the revolutionaries in Mexico

    was a speech given by Stephen F. Austin calling for Texas independence

    was a speech given by Father Miguel Hidalgo calling for good governance in New Spain

  • Q9

    The Adams - Onis Treaty...

    Spain ceded or gave up Texas territory to the U.S. in exchange for control of Florida territory.

    Spain ceded or gave up Florida territory to the U.S. in exchange for control of Texas territory.

    Mexico ceded or gave up Texas territory to the U.S. in exchange for Florida territory

    Mexico ceded or gave up Florida territory to the U.S. in exchange for Texas territory

  • Q10

    What is an Empresario?

    A group of civilians trained to fight

    An American whose family came from Europe.

    Someone contracted by a government to spread Catholicism to a colony.

    Someone contracted by a government to arrange for the immigration to live in a colony.

  • Q11

    What is a militia?

    Someone who brought people to settle a colony.

    Someone who convinces Native Americans to believe in Catholisism. 

    A civilian and trained and manned army.

    When a government gives up a territory.

  • Q12

    Who was James Long?

    The first filibuster in Texas.

    The last filibuster in Texas.

    The filibuster that was defeated at the Battle of Medina.

    The man that helped settle the first colony in Texas.

  • Q13

    What is a Tejano?

    Someone of Mexican descent living in Texas

    Someone who gets people to settle in a new colony

    Someone that encouraged Native Americans to become Catholic

    Someone who is part of a civilian trained and manned army

  • Q14

    What is NOT an aspect that the "Old Three Hundred" had?

    Brought slavery with them

    Most were U.S. southerners.

    Farmers of cotton

    It's a trick, all of these are true!

  • Q15

    Father Miguel Hidalgo....

    Was a filibuster that took wild horses from the Texas territory and sold them in America.

    Was the Empresario that founded Victoria and brought Mexican colonists to Texas.

    Was the last filibuster in Texas and was killed by the Spanish.

    Was the "Father of Mexican Independence" and was executed by the Spanish.


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