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  • Q1
    Which of the following are requirements of the House of Representatives?
    all of the above
    Live in the state represented
    Citizen for at least 7 years
    25 years old
  • Q2
    Which was the reult of the compromise between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan?
    National and state legislatures
    Parliamentary system
    Unicameral legislature
    Bicameral legislature
  • Q3
    Which power is given only to the House of Representatives?
    Initiate revenue bills
    Confirm appointments
    Approve treaties
    Veto bills
  • Q4
    Which group leads major governmental deppartments, executes policies and laws and has grown from 4 to 15 posts?
    Executive agencies
    Congressional committes
    Regulatory commissions
    Cabinet members
  • Q5
    Which of the following foriegn policy responsibilities is handled by the executive branch?
    Impose tariffs
    Advice and consent on treaties
    granting recognition to new governments
    set import quotas
  • Q6
    How did President Jefferson encourage westward expansion of the U. S.?
    Signing a treaty with Spain
    Purchasing the Louisiana territory from France
    Refusing to enter into foriegn alliances
    signing legislation that created a national park system
  • Q7
    Which of the following is aresponsibility of the U.S. president?
    Declare war
    Interpret laws passed by Congrss
    Campain for reelection
    Recieve foreign ambassadors
  • Q8
    Which group has the power to advise and consent on the executive decisions?
    House of representatives
    Supreme Court
  • Q9
    What issues most concerned critics of Franklin Roosevelt's election to four terms as president/
    He weakened the checks and balances system by expanding executive authority.
    He wanted to be president for life and overthrow Congress.
    He desired to move the country toward communism.
    His policies would lead the nation into a deeper depession.
  • Q10
    Which duty of the vice president is decribed in the U.S. Constitution?
    Domestic policy advisor to the President.
    Speaker of the House
    Director of the CIA
    President of the Senate
  • Q11
    which of the following is the correct order of succession to the president/
    Vice President, Speaker of the House,President pro tempore of the Senate,Secretary of State
    Vice President, Secretary of State,Congress, Speaker of the House
    Speaker of the House, Vice President, Prsident pro tempore of the Senate, Secretary of State.
  • Q12
    A primary reason for including a definition of citizenship in the Fourteenth Amendment was to-
    recognize the voting rights for all African American citizens
    correct the Constitution for representation
    impose federal authority over rebel state under reconstruction
    overrule the previos Supreme Court ruling against African American citizenship
  • Q13
    Exclusive,original,appelant and concurrent are all typpes of--
  • Q14
    How did Mirandav. Arizona impact due process for accused persons?
    Accused people must now post bond to be released from pre trial detetion
    Accused people must be made aware of their rights
    Accused people do not have to worry about a trial
    Accused must be held in jsil until trial
  • Q15
    Critics of the electoral college argue that the system can result in the selection of---
    a President that did not win the popular vote
    only wealthy individuals as President
    a third party candidate as President
    President candidates from populous states

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