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Unit 4 - Revision

Quiz by My Tran

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    It's in my living room. It's soft. I sit on it. What's it?
    It's a bookcase.
    It's an armchair.
    It's a rug.
    It's a cooker.
  • Q2
    They’re tall. You walk on them. They help you go up and down.
    They're bookcases.
    They're shelves.
    They’re stairs.
    They're fridges.
  • Q3
    They can be in any room. They’re very long. You put things on them.
    They're doors.
    They're shelves.
    They're armchairs.
    They're windows.
  • Q4
    It’s in your bathroom. It has lots of water. Every day you wash your body in it.
    It's a kitchen.
    It's a cooker.
    It's a shower.
    It's a sink.
  • Q5
    Where's the apple?
    Question Image
    It's under the box.
    It's above the box.
    It's in the box.
    It's on the box.
  • Q6
    Where are the cats?
    Question Image
    It's next to the car.
    They're in the car.
    They're next to the car.
    It's in the car.
  • Q7
    Where's the snowman?
    Question Image
    He's next to the girl.
    He's above the girl.
    He's behind the girl.
    He's between the girls.
  • Q8
    Where's the black cat?
    Question Image
    It's between the dog and the tiger.
    It's between the dog.
    It's in front of the tiger.
    It's behind the tiger.
  • Q9
    Where's the cloud?
    Question Image
    It's behind the Sun.
    It's in front of the Sun.
    It's above the Sun.
    It's next to the Sun.
  • Q10
    Where's the cow?
    Question Image
    They're behind the tree.
    It's in front of the tree.
    It's behind the tree.
    It's above the tree.
  • Q11
    Where's the butterfly?
    Question Image
    It's under the flowers.
    It's on the flowers.
    It's next to the flowers.
    It's above the flowers.
  • Q12
    Where's the rug?
    Question Image
    It's behind the sofa.
    It's in front of the sofa.
    They're in front of the sofa.
    They're in front of the sofa.
  • Q13
    Where are the pictures?
    Question Image
    They're next to the guitar.
    They're above the shelves.
    It's above the bed.
    They're above the bed.
  • Q14
    Where's the mirror?
    Question Image
    It's above the bath.
    It's above the sink.
    They're above the sink.
    It's under the sink.
  • Q15
    Where's the microwave?
    Question Image
    It's next to the mirror.
    It's next to the fridge.
    They're next to the fridge.
    It's behind the fridge.

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