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Unit 4 Study Guide Part 5 (Bonding Theories)

Quiz by Aaron Holley

Grade 9-12
Next Generation Science Standards

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    A model that accounts for the geometric arrangements of shared and unshared electron pairs around a central atom in terms of repulsions between electron pairs is called ___.

    VSEPR theory

    WHSPR theory

    valence orbital theory

    molecular bonding theory

  • Q2

    What is the best arrangement for all pairs of electrons (bonding and lone pairs) in a molecule?

    one that maximizes attractions between electron pairs

    one that maximizes repulsions between electron pairs

    one that minimizes the repulsions between electron pairs

    one that gives the most crowded arrangement of atoms

  • Q3

    According to VSEPR theory, the three-dimensional arrangement of all electron domains (both bonding and lone pair) around a central atom is called the ____.

    electron geometry

    molecular geometry

    compound coordination

    geometrical arrangement

  • Q4

    According to VSEPR theory, the three-dimensional arrangement of the atoms around a central atom (excluding lone pairs) in a molecule is called the ____.

    molecular geometry

    geometrical arrangement

    compound coordination

    electron geometry

  • Q5

    Match the molecular geometry with its name.

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