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Unit 4 Test Review

Quiz by Shirene Kocian-Petty

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire?
    Julius Caesar
  • Q2
    Law that called for the official tolerance of Christianity?
    Law Code of Hammurabi
    Bill of Rights
    12 Tables
    Edict of Milan
  • Q3
    What did emperors call the idea of giving free grain and putting on big entertainment spectacles call to distract the people?
    Hunger Games
    Bread and Circus
    Gift with Purchase
    the Lottery
  • Q4
    How did Diocletian try to save the Roman empire?
    Divided it into 4 units, each with its own ruler
    Gave important government jobs to the barabarians
    Allowed the poor to take the rich elites' property and lands
    Killed all the military generals
  • Q5
    Who were the first invaders to sack Rome?
  • Q6
    What did Diocletian's reforms cause Rome socially and economically?
    Nothing- there was absolutely no risk
    It caused an economic growth and building phase and the empire expanded
    Stifled the empire's vitality which caused a sagging of fortunes
    He sold off parts of the empire to the highest bidder and pocketed the fortune
  • Q7
    What were the consequences of Diocletian's military and political reforms?
    They made a lasting peace with the invaders and then disbanded the army
    Expanded the army and civil service jobs which put strain on economy by draining public funds
    They were successful because it gained all new lands in Africa
    It saved money because they recruited an army of volunteers
  • Q8
    Who was Muhammad?
    Founder of Islam and prophet of Allah
    He was a warrior knight from N. Africa
    Founder of Buddhism and an Indian prince
    He was related to Jesus and began a new religion in his honor
  • Q9
    After Muhammad's death, his followers disagreed with who should be the next leader- this caused what to happen?
    Created a series of wars called the Crusades
    Caused the Pope in Rome to be a mediator
    Created the extinction of Islam
    Created the Sunni/Shia split in Islam
  • Q10
    Which Islamic dynasty overthrew the Umayyad?
  • Q11
    What did the Abbasid caliphs call their prime ministers?
  • Q12
    Of the 5 Pillars of Islam, what is Hajj?
    fasting during holy month
    giving alms to the poor
    pilgrimage to Mecca
    praying 5 times a day
  • Q13
    What is Shariah?
    Muhammad's wife's name
    a city in Syria
    what the 6 Pillars of Islam are called
    Islamic laws to live by and regulate daily life
  • Q14
    Why are there no images of Muhammad?
    No images of him survived by the time they began construction of mosques
    Muhammad was extremely shy and didn't like any painting his image
    The Quran states it is a sin
    The Hadith warns against trying to imitate God by creating images of living beings
  • Q15
    How were the Vikings "civilized"?
    The Frankish kingdom policy of converting them to Christianity
    They all moved to the new world and were no longer a problem for Europe
    They converted to Islam and became a part of the Abbasid dynasty
    They were given an empire called the Holy Roman Empire

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