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Unit 4 Test Review

Quiz by Julie Drury

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  • Q1
    The roles of Congress include all of the following except
    provide constituent services
    oversee government agencies
    legislate or make laws
    regulate laws
  • Q2
    How are Congressional districts determined?
    according to the popular vote
    they are set by the governor
    according to the population as measured in the census
    each state receives an equal number
  • Q3
    What are the two houses of Congress?
    Senate and House
    Congress and Senate
    House and Executive
    Judicial and Executive
  • Q4
    In a system of checks and balances, which is true?
    Congress can override a veto with 2/3 vote
    Congress can override a veto with a 1/3 vote
    Congress cannot override a Presidential veto
    The Senate can override a veto with a 2/3 vote
  • Q5
    How many total members are in the House of Representatives?
  • Q6
    The President has the power to do all of the following to a Congressional bill except:
    Pigeonhole it
    Sign it
    Hold it for 10 days
    Veto it
  • Q7
    The presiding officer of the Senate is
    Vice President
    President Pro Tempore
    Majority Leader
  • Q8
    Life insurance, tax deductions, pensions, medical services, and free parking are all benefits received by
    members of Congress
    interest groups
    political action committee members
  • Q9
    Even though members of Congress must make laws to benefit the nation as a whole, they are also obligated to focus on the needs and interests of what other group?
    the judiciary
    their fellow Congressmen and women
    the President
    their constituents
  • Q10
    Senators must meet all of the following requirements except:
    citizen for 9 years
    reside in state from which elected
    Citizen for 7 years
    30 years old
  • Q11
    Who acts as jury in an impeachment trial?
    the Chief Justice
    the Supreme Court
    the House
    the Senate
  • Q12
    Which house has the power to approve Presidential appointments?
    the Senate
    the House
  • Q13
    In which house is the presiding officer a member of Congress?
    the Senate
    the House
  • Q14
    The two Georgia senators are
    Johnny Isaakson and David Perdue
    Johnny Isaakson and Austin Scott
    Austin Scott and David Perdue
    Buddy Carter and Austin Scott
  • Q15
    Which of the following shows the main steps of the legislative process, in correct order?
    Bill is introduced, read, and debated. It is sent to committee and then on to the other house
    Bill is introduced and sent to committee, bill is sent to the floor and debated, bill is sent to the other house
    Bill is debated and voted upon. It passes next through the other house before being sent to committee.
    Bill is sent to committee and then the floor. Afterward it is sent to the President for approval

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