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Unit 5 Career Choices

Quiz by Jennifer Whiteaker

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  • Q1
    Which of the following career choices typically requires a medical degree?
    Software developer
    Mechanical engineer
  • Q2
    What is a common pathway for students interested in pursuing a career in business?
    Earning a degree in Business Administration
    Studying marine biology
    Training as a professional chef
    Becoming a professional athlete
  • Q3
    What is an alternative option for students who are not interested in pursuing a traditional 4-year college degree?
    Becoming a professional gamer
    Traveling the world as a digital nomad
    Starting a YouTube channel
    Attending a vocational school or trade school
  • Q4
    What is a common requirement for many jobs in the current job market?
    Ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously
    Strong communication skills
    Extensive knowledge of ancient history
    Proficiency in playing musical instruments
  • Q5
    When reading a job posting, what is often listed under the 'Qualifications' section?
    Salary and benefits information
    Work hours and location details
    Skills and experiences required for the job
    Job duties and responsibilities
  • Q6
    In a job posting, what information is usually included under the 'Responsibilities' section?
    Employee benefits and perks
    Minimum qualifications for the job
    Tasks and duties that the employee will be expected to perform
    Company history and values
  • Q7
    What information can be found in the 'Benefits' section of a job posting?
    Salary and compensation package
    Job responsibilities and duties
    Overview of the company's mission statement
    Details about the additional perks and advantages offered to employees
  • Q8
    What does the 'Location' section of a job posting typically provide?
    Details about the company's history
    Employee benefits and perks
    Information about where the job is located
    Requirements for the application process
  • Q9
    Which section of a job application typically asks for your previous work experience?
    Education background
    Employment history
    Personal interests
    Contact information
  • Q10
    Why is it important to proofread your job application before submitting it?
    To increase the word count
    To include personal opinions
    To list irrelevant skills
    To avoid spelling and grammar errors
  • Q11
    What should you do if a job application asks for references?
    Include family members as references
    Provide professional references who can speak about your work ethic and abilities
    Submit a list of random names without contact information
    List friends who can vouch for your character
  • Q12
    What information should you always double-check on a job application before submitting it?
    Contact information
    Previous job titles
    Salary expectations
    Personal hobbies
  • Q13
    Why is it important to tailor your job application to the specific job you are applying for?
    To include generic information that applies to any job
    To highlight your relevant skills and experiences for the position
    To list all your hobbies and interests
    To increase the length of your application
  • Q14
    What should be the maximum length of a high school student's resume?
    Two pages
    Three pages
    One page
    Half a page
  • Q15
    What should high school students do before submitting their resume for a job application?
    Include every job they've ever had
    Submit without attachments
    Use colorful fonts
    Proofread for errors

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