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Unit 5

Quiz by Justin Smyth

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    a governmental document that limited the power of the King of England for the first time in history. The document stated that King would follow the rules like everyone else.
    Bill of Rights
    Magna Carta
    English Bill of Rights
  • Q2
    People who lived in the colonies believed that they
    should have the same rights as if they lived in England
    did not have to follow the rules of the English
    could pick which laws to follow
  • Q3
    Democracy is
    allowing citizens to vote
    sharing power between a small group of people
    passing power down to your ancestors
    giving one person absolute power
  • Q4
    Which is not an example of democracy
    town halls
  • Q5
    The House of Burgess is an examples of democracy because
    citizens directly voted on laws
    it protected freedom of speech
    citizens could vote for representatives to make laws
    no one was above the law
  • Q6
    Town Halls are an example of democracy because
    everyone had the right to a fair trial
    the king couldn't tax towns without permission of parliament
    citizens elected representatives to make laws
    people directly voted on laws and rules
  • Q7
    Many people in the colonists created their own governments because
    the colonies were far away from Enlgand and the King
    they didn't make any money
    they weren't apart of Great Britain
  • Q8
    The colonists were upset with the king because they
    did not listen to the colonists
    they taxed them unfairly
  • Q9
    What was undemocratic about colonial assemblies and town halls
    the king picked the representatives
    everyone could vote
    only white males could vote
    only women could vote
  • Q10
    an agreement between individuals that created a government that said that everyone would follow the rules the government would provide order and protect the rights of the colonists; written by a group of English Puritans in Massachusetts in 1620.
    House of Burgess
    Mayflower Compact
    Magna Carta
    English Bill of Rights

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