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Unit 5 Early Republic

Quiz by Brad Kennedy

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  • Q1
    As tensions grew among European nations, Washington made this argument because he feared--
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    establishing political alliances with foreign nations could weaken American military power.
    political involvement in France's affairs would harm American trade with Austria
    establishing political alliances with foreign nations could eventually force the United States into war
    political involvement in Britain's affairs could negatively affect trade
  • Q2
    Which claim did Thomas Jefferson make in his argument against the federal government establishing a national bank?
    The U.S. Constitution does not give the federal government the power to establish a national bank.
    A system of state banks under the control of the federal government is better than one national bank.
    The nation was already deeply in debt, and the cost of running a national bank would increase the debt further.
    Congress should not have to split its power to set and oversee the federal budget with a national bank.
  • Q3
    What measure did President John Adams take as a result of French attacks on American ships?
    He bribed French diplomats to end the attacks.
    He added guns and cannons to all American naval ships.
    He went on a diplomatic trip to France to negotiate peace.
    He ordered the building of swift military ships called frigates to strengthen the navy.
  • Q4
    During the War of 1812, the British wanted to control New Orleans because from there they could--
    stage a surprise attack on the American capital
    reinforce troops in Canada
    develop new trade with Native Americans
    sail up the Mississippi River
  • Q5
    As secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton proposed to pay off bonds from the Revolutionary War at face value. This plan was unpopular with some Americans because it would benefit-
    Jefferson and his supporters
    a small group of investors
    the treasury department
    states that had already paid their debts
  • Q6
    What was one major result of the Northwest Ordinance?
    It established a procedure for admitting new states?
    It established a system of civil rights for all citizens.
    It added new western lands under U.S. control
    It resolved border conflicts between the United States and Britain.
  • Q7
    What was a key foreign policy theme that George Washington established in his Farewell Address?
    Maintaining good relations with American Indians
    Building a strong navy and permanent army
    asserting presidential authority over foreign policy
    Avoiding alliances with European powers
  • Q8
    Cause= Napoleon need money to fund his ongoing wars with the British. Effect= Jefferson purchases the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million. Cause= ? Effect Jefferson persuades Congress to pass the Embargo Act of 1807. Which of the following best completes the "Clause ?" in the second cause and effect statement.
    The British ban the United States from trading with anyone outside of Great Britain and its colonies.
    U.S. merchant ships are under threat from British and French warships.
    The French set high tariffs on imported U.S. goods arriving at French ports.
    British ships begin to dominate profitable trade routes to South American nations.
  • Q9
    What event from the War of 1812 produced a feeling of national pride among Americans?
    The Treaty of Ghent ending the war
    Securing control of Lake Erie
    The defeat of Tecumseh
    Jackson's victory at New Orleans
  • Q10
    Latin American countries gain independence (-->) European threat arises (-->) ? Which of the following best completes the (?) in the above diagram.
    Monroe issues Monroe Doctrine
    Washington warns to avoid alliances
    Jefferson completes Louisiana Purchase
    War of 1812 begins
  • Q11
    Witnessing the British attack on Baltimore inspired Francis Scott Key to write which of the following?
    "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"
    "The Star-Spangled Banner"
    "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
    "America the Beautiful"
  • Q12
    _______________________ won easy election as the first president under the U.S. Constitution.
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    John Adams
    George Washington
  • Q13
    Alexander Hamilton's plan to use a tariff to pay off the national debt aimed to create a stable _____________________ system.
  • Q14
    The ____________________ is the period from 1789 to 1824.
    The Colonial Period
    The Era of Good Feelings
    Revolutionary Period
    Early Republic
  • Q15
    The first American _______________________ was Alexander Hamilton's Federalist and Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republicans.
    court system
    legislative branch
    political parties
    executive branch

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