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Unit 6

Quiz by Justin Smyth

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The Proclamation of 1763 angered colonists because
    colonists could not move into the newly acquired land from the French Indian war
    disbanded all colonial governments
    raised the prices of tea
    forced troops to be housed in their homes
  • Q2
    The French and Indian war had a last impact on the colonies because
    the king would force the colonists to pay the debt of fighting the war
    the colonists did not have representatives in Parliament
  • Q3
    The colonists were angry that they did not have representatives in Parliament because they believed
    were British citizens and should have the same democratic rights
  • Q4
    No taxation without representation meant the colonists wanted
    represenatives in Parliament
    to end taxes
  • Q5
    This type of protest aims to make businesses lose money
  • Q6
    The Quartering Act
    tax on sugar
    required the colonists to find housing and pay for their food
    a quarter tax on clothing
    required colonists to find houses for any British person who came to the colonies
  • Q7
    Why did Parliament pass the Stamp Act?
    to control the press so that colonists would not openly criticize the British government
    to have the colonists help pay off the large debt from the French and Indian War
    to ensure that people living in Great Britain would pay the cost of their own protection
    to provide British troops with housing, food, and other necessary provisions
  • Q8
    What happened at the Boston Massacre?
    British soldiers killed hundreds of Patriots in a brutal day-long battle.
    Colonists killed twenty-six British soldiers in a formal battle on Boston Common.
    British soldiers panicked during a riot and killed five colonists.
    Patriot snipers shot and killed a dozen British troops in a surprise attack.
  • Q9
    How did some Boston colonists react to the Tea Act?
    They made American Indians destroy the British tea.
    They boarded British ships and dumped tea into the harbor.
    They burned crates of British tea along Dorchester Bay.
    They forced the British tea ships to return to Britain.
  • Q10
    How did the British Parliament and the King of England react to the Boston Tea Party?
    It finally allowed the colonists to send their own representatives to Parliament.
    It declared the colonial experiment a failure and transported all Loyalists back to Britain.
    It immediately declared war against the colonies and sent a fleet of warships to America.
    It passed a series of harsh new laws to prove Britain’s authority over the colonies called the Intolerable Acts

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