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Unit 6 CBA Review

Quiz by Chad Pickens

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34 questions
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  • Q1
    The Industrial Revolution was:
    A revolution were machines took over the world.
    a period when things were still made by hand.
    a period during which people left the farm and moved to large cities to work in factories.
    a time when farming and farming equipment began to take on a new importance
  • Q2
    James K. Polk stated that "Mexico has shed American blood on American soil." This helped lend support to:
    The Louisiana Purchase
    The U.S.-Mexican War
    The War of 1812
    The Gadsden Purchase
  • Q3
    Utah is mostly settled by ____________ who were escaping _________________?
    Mormons, religious persecution
    Native Americans, white settlers
    Slaves, slavery
    Christians, religious persecution
  • Q4
    In what year did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory?
  • Q5
    Use this graph. The slave population ________________ after Eli Whitney's invention of the Cotton Gin.
    Question Image
    Remained the same
    Increased but then decreased
  • Q6
    Railroads, canals, and roads allowed. . . .
    people to travel less and stay at home
    people to become lazy and tired all the time
    people to travel and for goods to be sold in far away places
    people to become disconnected and isolated from one another
  • Q7
    Urbanization is:
    when more people start living in cities than in small rural farm towns.
    when people become bored with where they are living
    when a country singer like Keith Urban begins making a album
    when people start migrating to a new country
  • Q8
    Northerners were scared about the annexation of Texas because?
    Its more land and the U.S. doesn't need anymore land.
    They didn't want the Dallas Cowboys to play in their division
    They didn't want slavery to spread westward.
    It might hurt the U.S. econcomy
  • Q9
    Rapid population growth, inventions, and inexpensive land all led to:
    the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    War with Mexico
    the Louisiana Purchase
    Manifest Destiny/Westward Expansion
  • Q10
    During the Industrial Revolution, a lot of women and children began working in what industry?
    steel industry
    textile mills (making clothes)
  • Q11
    A push factor is something that drives an individual from their homeland. What are some common push factors listed below?
    War, disease, famine
    Land, resources, freedom
    Money, gold, wealth
    Better opportunities, health, prosperity
  • Q12
    A pull factor is something that attracts you. What are some common pull factors listed below
    Opportunity, either economic or personal.
    Religious persecution
    Lack of resources
    War, death, disease
  • Q13
    The Mormons were driven from the East coast and settled in present day Utah due to:
    their political beliefs
    becoming too powerful during the Industrial Revolution
    not having much money
    religious persecution
  • Q14
    To manufacture something is to:
    protest by refusing to buy from that particular company, country, or organization
    officially ban on trade with a particular country
    make (something) on a large scale using machinery
    create a story in order to get yourself out of trouble
  • Q15
    1. U.S. got all land west of Texas 2. U.S. paid Mexico $15 million 3. Rio Grande becomes the official border These conditions were part of the:
    Treaty of Northern aggression
    Treaty of Paris 1763
    Treaty of Ghent
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo

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