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  • Q1

    Based on the excerpt, which of the following countries has coasts on both sides of the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea?

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  • Q2

    In ancient times, the Nile flooded each year. Based on the excerpt, how can farmers benefit from the dam?

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    They can get water for crops year-round.

    They can grow a greater variety of crops.

    They can set up farmers' markets in the rainy season.

    They can expand the size of their farms.

  • Q3

    What human-made feature has contributed greatly to the Red Sea becoming one of the world's busiest waterways?

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    hydroelectric dam

    Kuwait refinery complex

    Suez Canal

    Strait of Hormuz

  • Q4

    Which of the following natural resources are found in abundance in Southwest Asia?

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    gold and gemstones

    forests and freshwater

    oil and natural gas

    forests and wildlife

  • Q5

    The vast majority of Egyptians live within 12 miles (19km) of what vital freshwater source?

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    Suez Canal

    Red Sea

    Nile River

    Strait of Gibraltar

  • Q6

    Why might future population growth pose a problem for North Africa?

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    Too many people might migrate from the region in search of a better life.

    The region lacks open land for cities to expand.

    Demand for water could easily become greater than supply.

    The region has too few energy resources to supply a larger population.

  • Q7

    Based on the excerpt, what was a reason that forces from the US and the UK invaded Iraq in 2003?

    Question Image

    They believed Iraq had joined forces with Iran.

    They believed Saddam Hussein had masterminded the attack on U.S. soil.

    They believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

    They believed Saddam Hussein was a leader of al-Qaeda.

  • Q8

    Based on the excerpt what negative quality is a result of multicultural societies in the countries of Southwest Asia?

    Question Image

    Most people identify themselves as Afghani.

    Family relationships cause disagreements within tribes.

    With so few ethnic groups, national unity is strong.

    The many different ethnic groups create a challenge to national unity.

  • Q9

    What event triggered the Persian Gulf Way in the 1990s?

    Question Image

    Iraq's invasion of Iran.

    Israel's capture of the West Bank.

    Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

    U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

  • Q10

    What event triggered the invasion of Israel by Arab countries?

    Question Image

    Israel's declaration of independence

    the Holocaust

    an invasion of Syria by Israel 

    removal of British troops from Israel.

  • Q11

    Based on the excerpt, what can you conclude about the early people of Mesopotamia?

    Question Image

    They focused almost exclusively on agriculture.

    They lacked a system of writing.

    They knew little about architecture.

    They had an advanced civilization that shaped later civilizations.

  • Q12

    Which of the following events spurred the movement for a Jewish state?


    Persian Gulf War


    Arab Spring

  • Q13

    Which of the following was a result of the ancient Egyptians' belief in life after death?

    Question Image

    The ancient Egyptians created one of the world's earliest libraries.

    The pharaohs had vast tombs built for themselves.

    Egyptians developed a way of writing using pictures.

    People settled along the banks of the Nile River.

  • Q14

    In what way are the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity alike?

    Question Image

    They are monotheistic.

    The regard Job as the messenger of God.

    They began in 2000 BC

    They are polytheistic.

  • Q15

    Based on the map, which of the following is a valid conclusion?

    Question Image

    Great Britain showed no interest in colonizing North Africa.

    France exerted a strong presence in colonial North Africa.

    All of the countries of North Africa are controlled by dictatorships.

    Most of North Africa was under the control of Italy.


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