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Unit 6 English 10

Quiz by Alison

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  • Q1
    What is the most important thing to do when following technical directions?
    Decide in advance how much time to allow for the project.
    Read the directions quickly to get the best picture.
    Complete the project in one, uninterrupted session.
    Follow each step carefully and in the correct sequence.
  • Q2
    Which type of sequence do many functional documents follow?
    Last to first
    Random order
    Logical, point by point
  • Q3
    What type of functional document is best suited to a logical sequence that progresses from highest to lowest?
    A set of directions
    A contract
    A recipe
    A product review
  • Q4
    The most logical way to organize a set of instructions is by —
    order of importance
    step-by-step order
    spatial order
    chronological order
  • Q5
    A set of technical directions is flawed if it —
    includes illustrations
    is logically sequenced
    omits a step
    does all of these
  • Q6
    The purpose of a workplace document is to—
    lessen people’s dependence on computers
    increase paperwork
    eliminate some jobs
    help people get things done
  • Q7
    Which type of document is a collaboration agreement?
    A warranty
    U.S. Copyright Office Registration form
    A set of technical directions
    A contract
  • Q8
    In an Internet citation, the most crucial piece of information to reproduce is the —
    title of the site
    author’s name
    date the site was accessed
  • Q9
    According to the MLA style, where in an Internet citation do you place the date a Web site was accessed?
    At the beginning of an entry
    At the end of an entry
    Just before a URL
    Right after a URL
  • Q10
    According to the MLA style, which of the following URL citations is correct?
  • Q11
    In a Works Cited list, in what order are the entries listed?
    Alphabetically, by the URL
    Alphabetically, by the author’s last name (when known)
    Chronologically, by the date the source was accessed
    Alphabetically, by the title of the work
  • Q12
    Which consumer document is most likely to help you if you encounter problems operating a product?
    A troubleshooting guide
    A contract
    A warranty
    A safety guide
  • Q13
    What is the purpose of an extended service contract?
    To offer a money-back guarantee for a defective product
    To provide a basic warranty for a product
    To give advice on how to repair a product if it breaks down
    To provide coverage for product repairs after the warranty expires
  • Q14
    FCC (Federal Communications Commission) information is included with some products to —
    teach consumers how to use the product
    provide a U.S. government warranty for the product
    offer government advice for repairing the product
    warn consumers against tampering with the product
  • Q15
    In which one of these consumer documents are you most likely to find out how powerful your new computer is?
    The technical directions
    The warranty
    The Quick-Start guide
    The product information brochure

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