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  • Q1
    What is the correct definition of heredity?
    The passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the next generation
    The impact of environment on genetic traits
    The process of creating offspring
    The study of family trees
  • Q2
    Which type of reproduction results in genetically diverse offspring?
    Sexual reproduction
    Binary fission
    Asexual reproduction
  • Q3
    Why does sexual reproduction usually result in a high genetic diversity compared to asexual reproduction?
    Because it involves a single parent
    Because the offspring inherits traits from grandparents
    Because it induces mutations during reproduction
    Because it involves the blending of genes from two different parents
  • Q4
    Which type of reproduction, sexual or asexual, is more likely to improve a species' ability to adapt to environmental changes?
    Neither improve a species' adaptability
    Sexual reproduction
    Asexual reproduction
    Both are equally likely
  • Q5
    What is the main advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?
    Less energy required
    Increased genetic diversity
    No need for a mate
    Faster reproduction rate
  • Q6
    Which reproduction method, sexual or asexual, results in offspring genetically identical to the parent?
    Asexual reproduction
    Sexual reproduction
  • Q7
    What is a potential disadvantage of asexual reproduction compared to sexual reproduction?
    Requires two parents
    Leads to fewer offspring
    More time consuming
    Less genetic variety among offspring
  • Q8
    Certain species of yeast can reproduce sexually or asexually. Which answer choice best compares the offspring from sexual reproduction to the offspring from asexual reproduction?
    offspring of sexual reproduction have twice as much genetic material as the offspring of asexual reproduction
    offspring of sexual reproduction are larger than the offspring of asexual reproduction
    offspring of sexual reproduction are genetically different from either parent and offspring of asexual reproduction are identical to the parent
    offspring of asexual reproduction are genetically different from each other and offspring of sexual reproduction are identical to the parent
  • Q9
    A litter of puppies was just born. Even though the puppies have the same parents, they do not all look alike because -
    they were produced by asexual cloning
    some of the puppies have genetic material from only one of the parents
    all the puppies developed from the same fertilized egg
    each puppy has a different combination of genetic material as a result of sexual reproduction
  • Q10
    The hydra is a very small, simple animal that live in water. Hydras reproduce asexually by budding, a process in which a bud breaks off an adult hydra and floats away. Which of the following describes a hydra bud?
    a hydra bud has half as much genetic material as the parent hydra
    a hydra bud has different mutations than the parent hydra
    a hydra bud contains genetic material from its two parents
    a hydra bud is genetically identical to the parent hydra
  • Q11
    Gregor Mendel studies the genetics of pea plants. He found that some pea plants produce smooth, round seeds, while other pea plants produce rough, wrinkled seeds. Which cellular feature determines whether a pea plant produces smooth or wrinkled seeds?
    chemical signals released by mitochondria
    information found in proteins of the cytoplasm
    information present in chromosomes in the nucleus
    information located in the plasma membrane
  • Q12
    A tiger cub has a pattern of stripes on its fur that is similar to that of its parents. Where are the instructions stored that provide information for a tigers fur pattern?
    in cytoplasm inside cells
    on genes within chromosomes
    on the cell membrane
    in the mitochondria
  • Q13
    Which organelle stores the information that determines an individual's blood type?
    Question Image
  • Q14
    The cousins shown have a similar appearance but different face shapes. Which of these cell components are most involved in determining the basic shape of each girls face?
    Question Image
    vacuoles, nucleus, and chromosomes
    chromosomes, chloroplasts, and vacuoles
    cytoplasm, chloroplasts, and genes
    genes, chromosomes, and nucleus

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