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Unit 6 Review

Quiz by Benjamin May

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23 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following events occurred during the era of early statehood in Texas History

    Outbreak of a Civil War

    Industrial Growth

    Preparation of a World War

    Population Expansion

  • Q2

    Why is 1845 significant to Texas History

    Texas forces won the Battle of the Alamo

    Texas was annexed by the United States

    Spanish government gave up all rights to Texas

    Sam Houston was elected president

  • Q3

    A major focus of Houston's administration in the newly formed Republic of Texas was-

    Settling Texans away from the Mexico Border

    Paying debts from fighting in the revolution

    Writing a Constitution

    Planning Annexation

  • Q4

    The Cordova Rebellion and Council House Fight were conflicts that involved what group

    American Indian Tribes

    Mexican Soldiers

    Catholic Priests

    American Settlers

  • Q5

    A primary goal of the Santa Fe Expedition was-

    Establish a western boundary of Texas

    Rescue Texas Rangers from New Mexico

    Escort Cherokee tribe to Oklahoma

    Free Anglo Captives from Comanche Tribes

  • Q6

    Which Texan’s diaries and journals have helped historians learn about daily life in the Texas Republic?

    Stephen F. Austin

    Mary Maverick

    Jack Coffee Hays

    Sam Houston

  • Q7

    Sam Houston opposed building a navy for Texas because he thought it would —

    curb trade on the Caribbean Sea

    anger the United States

    drain Texas’ finances

    heighten tensions with Mexico

  • Q8

    Anson Jones was a leader during the —

    annexation of Texas

    early settlement of Texas

    signing of the Treaties of Velasco

    Battle of Gonzales

  • Q9

    The primary function of the Texas Rangers for the Republic of Texas was to —

    establish a prison system for the Texas justice system▲

    return fugitive enslaved people to Texas farms

    protect Texans from American Indian tribes

    built irrigation systems for Texas farmers

  • Q10

    Who served as President of the Republic of Texas following Sam Houston's first term?

    Mirabeau Lamar

    James K. Polk

    Anson Jones

    Stephen F. Austin

  • Q11

     Which issue most likely influenced the voting pattern on the map?

    Question Image

    Expansion of slavery

    Threat of war with Spain

    Battle of the Alamo

    Competition for rail lines

  • Q12

    Which of the following was the primary reason that the United States did not want to annex Texas in 1837?

    The United States did not recognize the independence of the Texas Republic.

    The United States had laws forbidding any slavery state to be admitted.

    Annexation would likely start a war between the United States and Mexico.

    Annexation would raise problems with slaveholders in the United States.

  • Q13

    Why did many Texans favor annexation to the United States?

    Texas could be divided into five states

    Texas debts from the republic would be paid.

    Texas would keep 21 million acres of public land.

    Texas would be a territory rather than a state.

  • Q14

    How did the Compromise of 1850 affect Texas?

    Many U.S. southerners moved to Texas.

    Texas was admitted to the United States union.

    The practice of enslaving people was expanded.▲

    New borders were established for Texas.

  • Q15

    As a result of the U.S.-Mexican War, the southern boundary of Texas was —

    designated as the Rio Grande

    disputed for many more years

    marked with the building of a fence

    established at the Nueces River


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