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Unit 6: US Constitution - Classic Quiz

Quiz by Brenda Nathman

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  • Q1
    date the US Constitution was approved and signed by delegates in Philadelphia; would then be sent to states for ratification
    September 17, 1787
  • Q2
    official approval
  • Q3
    author of the Virginia Plan which became the basic framework for the US Constitution; due to his contributions he became known as the "Father of the Constitution"; Federalist and one of the authors of the Federalist Papers
    James Madison
  • Q4
    delegate from Virginia who was selected as President of the Constitutional Convention
    George Washington
  • Q5
    written by James Madison; proposed a government with three branches (executive, legislative, judicial); proposed that the legislative branch consist of two houses with representation in each house based on the population of the state which pleased the large states
    Virginia Plan
  • Q6
    The proposal at the Constitutional Convention that called for equal representation of each state in Congress regardless of the state's population which pleased the small states
    New Jersey Plan
  • Q7
    A compromise that proposed two houses of Congress; one where a state's population would determine representation (House of Representatives) to pleased the large states and another (Senate) where all states were represented equally with two votes per state to please the small states
    Great Compromise
  • Q8
    Legislative Branch
  • Q9
    representatives for each state determined by the state's population; part of the Great Compromise that pleased the large states
    House of Representatives
  • Q10
    Constitutional compromise for counting slaves as part of a states population for determining both representation in the House of Representatives and the amount of taxes each state would send to the federal government; 3 out of every 5 slaves would be included in the state's population
    3/5 Compromise
  • Q11
    opposed the Constitution; felt it gave too much power to the national government and took too much power from the state governments; worried it did not protect individual rights and demanded a Bill of Rights be added
  • Q12
    a meeting in Philadelphia in 1787; called to revise the Articles of Confederation after Shay's Rebellion; 55 delegates ended up writing a new plan for government: the US Constitution
    Constitutional Convention
  • Q13
    supported the ratification of the Constitution; supported a strong federal government and felt it created a good balance of federal and state powers
  • Q14
    Anti-Federalist; demanded a Bill of Rights be added to Constitution
    George Mason
  • Q15
    Anti-Federalist; did not attend Convention because he "Smelled a rat in Philadelphia tending towards monarchy."; feared national government would be too strong and executive was too much like a king
    Patrick Henry

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