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Unit 7

Quiz by Vanessa

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following are substances that have harmful effects on a developing fetus?
    all of the above
    illegal drugs
  • Q2
    Which of the following is NOT associated with tobacco use or exposure to second hand smoke during pregnancy?
    Low birth weight
    Premature birth
    Infant death
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Q3
    Which type of screening would detect scoliosis?
    A blood test
    An examination of the spine
    A vision test
    A hearing test
  • Q4
    What does parenting involve?
    Providing guidence
    All of the above
    Instilling values
    Setting limits
  • Q5
    The fact that teens tend to use the amygdala rather than the frontal cortex may explain why teens...
    Think analytically
    Communicate easily
    React emotionally
    Reason abstractly
  • Q6
    Adulthood begins when young people...
    Stop growing in height
    Complete their education
    Start to live on their own
    Mature physically and emotionally
  • Q7
    Older adolescents should be better at resolving conflicts than younger adolescents because older adolescents have...
    Started to avoid cultural diversity and its challenges
    Developed the ability to understand different points of view
    Learned how to react more emotionally to problems
    Begun to search for meaning, values, and a sense of self
  • Q8
    When a friend asks you to do something that goes against your values, the most mature response is to...
    Argue about values
    Change your values
    Stand up for your beliefs
    Do what your friend asks you to do
  • Q9
    What should a person look for in a spouse to help ensure a successful marriage?
    Good communication skills
    All of the above
    Similar ideas about marriage
    Willingness to compromise
  • Q10
    Consequences of teen parenthood may include...
    Financial difficulties
    Limitations on social life
    All of the above
    Emotional stress
  • Q11
    Events that need to happen in order for a person to continue growing towards becoming a healthy and mature adult is the definition of...
    Developmental task
  • Q12
    During adolescence, most teens develop the ability to...
    Anticipate consequences
    All of the above
    Think logically
    Understand different points of view
  • Q13
    Which factors promote successful marriages?
    Emotional maturity
    Shared values
    All of the above
    Communication skills
  • Q14
    During adolescence, teens generally feel a greater need to be accepted by their...
    Parents or guardians
  • Q15
    Which is NOT a developmental task of adolescence?
    Becoming emotionally independent
    Starting a vocation or career
    Developing personal values
    Learning to control behavior

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