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Unit 7 Review

Quiz by John Alaniz

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  • Q1
    What caused the United States to enter World War I
    Sinking of titanic
    Lusitania and Germany trying to convince Mexico to be allies ( Zimmerman Letter)
    progressive reform
    US needed more was short on Oil
  • Q2
    What prejudice arose during World War I?
    women's reform
    Urban areas growing
    Ku Klux Klan growing
  • Q3
    During World War II urban areas grew beacause
    there was more land to go around
    farming became more popular
    industrial jobs were created.
    State laws asked that they grow
  • Q4
    Crop Prices fell Because
    there was a shortage
    the economy was weak, and more crop production.
    strong economy
    all food came from over seas
  • Q5
    When the need for oil increased for war time products
    they looked for alternative fuels
    US got it's oil from Alaska
    there was no need for oil
    Texas became an industry leader
  • Q6
    what was created to aid the United States getting out of the Great depression
    Rural Electrification Administration, Social Security Administration, Public Works, Federal Emergency Relief Administration
    Nothing was created
    US borrowed money from other countries
    None of these
  • Q7
    Why did the World Wars have greater casualties?
    none of these
    because of the impact of technology
    countries were growning
    there were very little casualties
  • Q8
    How did the US involvement in the World Wars benefit Texas?
    More factories, the industry grew creating jobs
    Texas was accepted by other states
    Texas sent troops to fight
    Texas did not benefit.
  • Q9
    Oil and Gas were most important during which war
    World War I
    World War II
    Civil War
    Mexican-American War
  • Q10
    in the early to mid 30s Unemployment was at an all-time high. What Ear is this?
    Great Depression
    Age of oil
  • Q11
    Sam Rayburn was
    German President
    Speaker of the house who promoted bills from Roosevelt
    WWI Hero
    A texas General
  • Q12
    32nd Vice President, Pushed for New Deal, member of the House of Representives
    John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner
    Lyndon Johnson
    Sam Rayburn
    non of these
  • Q13
    What are some things that cause the Dust bowl?
    there was no dust bowl
    not enough houses to block the dust
    Dry Climate, and high winds
  • Q14
    What was the leading industry in Texas before petrolum refining?
    meat processing and packing
    none of these
    petroleum was always leading
  • Q15
    Why did the US have to ration Gas?
    May people did not ration gas.
    gas was not rationed
    there was very little gas
    Military needed it for ships, tanks and planes

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