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Unit 7 Review

Quiz by Kimberly Dendy

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  • Q1
    Celeste attached a golf ball to a string. She pulled back the string at a 90 degree angle. When she let go, the ball swung and hit the wall. Which force caused the ball to swing downward?
    A push from her hand
    a pull from the string
    friction between the air and the ball
    a pull due to gravity
  • Q2
    Jackie wants to find out the average distance that each of her six friends can throw a ball. She asks six friends of similar sizes and ages to throw a ball as far as possible from the same starting point. Jacky notices that one friend throws the ball much farther than the other five do. She wants her results to be accurate. What should Jackie do?
    Repeat the experiment using a different friend as a replacement.
    Repeat the experiment and ignore the results of the first experiment.
    Repeat the experiment two more times, and find averages for each of the six throwers.
    Repeat the experiment for the person with the unusual result.
  • Q3
    Mass is the weight of an object. What has the most mass? A soccer ball, baseball, volleyball, or bowling ball? Which would be the hardest force to move?
    Bowling Ball
    soccer ball
  • Q4
    The amount of friction exerted when an object moves across a surface depends on how the object and the surface rub together. For which of these surfaces will friction be greatest when a block of wood slides across it?
    thick carpet
    wet ice
    waxed wood
    glass mirror
  • Q5
    Mackenzie is pushing her younger brother, Steve, in his toy car. Steve gets out of the car. Steve's friend, who has more mass than he does, gets into the car. If Mackenzie wants to make the car go the same distance that it did when she pushed Steve, what should she do?
    Push the car with the same amount of force.
    Push the car with more force.
    Add more mass to the car and push it with the same amount of force.
    Push the car with less force.
  • Q6
    A spring scale is holding a block that reads 1.5 Newtons. If an identical second block were added, how much would the spring scale read?
  • Q7
    A book is balanced on the side of a desk. Although the book is heavy, a gentle push moves it. How can a small force cause a large mass to move?
    The direction of the force is important to make an object move, but the amount of force is not.
    The forces on the book were balanced, and a small additional force caused them to be unbalanced.
    The small push balanced the forces that were keeping the book in place and caused it to move.
    The push on the book increased the amount of friction, so the rock moved.
  • Q8
    On two different days, two students measured the force required to hold a pair of scissors using a spring scale. How should the results compare?
    The results should be different because two people never perform an experiment exactly the same way.
    The results should be the same because friction does not change between the two experiments.
    The results should be the same because the mass of the scissors and the force of gravity are the same.
    The results should be different because changes in conditions between different days will cause the results to change.
  • Q9
    If you a pushing a box forward, what direction is friction be exerted?
    the same direction as the force
    the opposite direction as the force
  • Q10
    Gravity is a force that pulls objects toward Earth's center. How does the gravitational force on a 1-kg block of wood compare to the gravitational force on a 5-kg block of steel, if both are on the ground?
    The force is the same because both objects are on Earth.
    No force is exerted on either block because they are not falling.
    The force exerted on the wooden block is greater than the force exerted on the steel block.
    The force exerted on the steel block is greater than the force exerted on the wooden block.
  • Q11
    Rosa tried to pound a large nail into a board using a small hammer. Partway into the board, the nail stopped. Rosa switched to using a heavier hammer, and the nail went into the board easily. Why did the larger hammer work?
    There is more friction between a large hammer and the nail.
    The nail could not push the larger hammer out of the way.
    The flat part of the larger hammer was wider, so it hit the nail better.
    The larger hammer had more mass, so it exerted more force.
  • Q12
    When an unbalanced force acts on an object, the motion of the object changes. Sometimes the object continues to move at the same speed. When that happens, what is it that changes?
  • Q13
    Why does a truck carrying a heavy load move uphill slower than an empty truck, even though the engine exerts the same force?
    The force of gravity increases as the heavier truck moves up the hill.
    The force exerted by the engine has a smaller effect on the truck with greater mass.
    The amount of force that the engine exerts is less for a loaded truck, so it moves slower.
    The trucks move at the same speed, but the empty truck seems to move faster because it has less mass.
  • Q14
    A push or pull
    unbalanced forces
    balanced forces
  • Q15
    A force of attraction between two objects.
    unbalanced forces

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