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Unit 7 Test: DNA

Quiz by Philip Gasser

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    What molecule stores genetic information in a cell?
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  • Q2
    Which of the following is NOT a role of DNA?
    Transmitting information between generations
    Copying information
    Purchasing information
    Storing information
  • Q3
    Griffith's experiment showed that...
    DNA is the genetic material
    Bacteria can go through a process called transformation
    He hates mice
    Viruses are used for transfection
  • Q4
    To determine that DNA was the transformative factor, and the genetic material, this scientist(s) tested the dead S-strain over and over again, removing a different molecule each time.
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  • Q5
    The structure of DNA was solved using an image from X-ray diffraction taken by...
    Rosalind Franklin
    Linus Pauling
  • Q6
    Who published the paper showing the 3D structure of DNA in 1953?
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  • Q7
    Hershey and Chase used what type of virus to show that DNA is the main transferred genetic material in all things.
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  • Q8
    What are the main observations made by Franklins X-ray image?
    The nucleotides go in the center of the helix
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    There are two strands of DNA
    DNA is a helix
  • Q9
    A nucleotide does NOT contain
    a phosphate group
    a nitrogen base group
    a 5-carbon sugar
  • Q10
    Finish the sentence... Because of base pairing in DNA, the percentage of
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  • Q11
    The table in Figure shows the results of measuring the percentages of the four bases in the DNA of several different organisms. Some of the values are missing from the table. Based on Chargaff’s rule, the percentages of guanine bases in chicken DNA should be...
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  • Q12
    The “backbone” of the double helix structure is made of...
    thymine and sugar
    phosphate and sugar
    adenine and thymine
    adenines and sugar
  • Q13
    The two strands of DNA are held together by ______________ bonds.
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  • Q14
    Which of the following forms a base pair with thymine (T)?
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  • Q15
    The two strands in DNA
    run in perpendicular directions.
    run in random directions.
    run in antiparallel directions.
    run in the same direction.

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