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Unit 8 - Quiz

Quiz by Kathleen Brown

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    It's easier to develop a clear brand image and message for what sort of company?
    A company with many unrelated products
    A company with a focused scope
    A company with reliable employees
  • Q2
    Quality, personal attention, leadership, and respect are examples of what?
    A company's values
    A company's elevator pitch
    A company's mission statement
  • Q3
    For a new small business, it's usually best to have what kind of scope?
    A small scope of closely related products or services
    A large scope that appeals to as many different target markets as possible
    A large scope with a variety of unrelated products and services
  • Q4
    What is morale?
    The strengths of a company
    The attitude of the people working at a company
    The quality of a company's product
  • Q5
    Most investors will not give your company money unless you have what?
    A limited scope
    A business plan
  • Q6
    The spoken version of a company's purpose is also called _____________.
    A business plan
    Elevator Pitch
  • Q7
    In a SWOT analysis, which of the following is an example of a threat?
    Bad customer service
    Competing companies
    Unreliable employees
  • Q8
    A short explanation of a company's goals for the future is called what?
    Company values
    A vision statement
    An elevator pitch
  • Q9
    Which section of the business plan should come first but be written last?
    Funding Request
    Competitive Analysis
    Executive Summary

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