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Unit 8 Review

Quiz by John Alaniz

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the characteristics of the Civil Rights Era?
    Cattle Drives
    Oil was discovered in TX
    Fight for Civil Rights, Women seek equal rights, NAACP and LULAC are created
    Texas was in a depression
  • Q2
    What were some things Hector P Garcia fought for?
    equality of no one
    equality of women
    Equal treatment of soilders after WW II
    he did not fight for civil rights
  • Q3
    Who was James L Farmer
    fought for women's rights.
    A Farmer
    Co founder of "CORE", coined the term "freedom riders"
    Was not a civil right leader
  • Q4
    ended discrimination, desegregated public places, Martin Luther King Jr, where all part of what?
    none of these
    13th Amendment
    14th Amendment
    Civil Rights Act on 1964
  • Q5
    What organization helped desegregate "Mexican Schools"?
    Santa Anna
    Cabeza De Vaca
  • Q6
    The Civil Rights movement did what?
    it did nothing
    only helped certain people
    only helped whites.
    African-American Voter registration increaced
  • Q7
    Describe the Civil rights Movement
    was only about women
    none of these
    was only about the hispanics
    Protests against Descrimination and Segregation
  • Q8
    Brown v. Board of Education determined what?
    none of these
    Civil Rights was an issue
    segregation was okay
    Segregation is unconstitutional
  • Q9
    Freedom Riders traveled which way?
    North to South
    East to west
    West to east
    South to north
  • Q10
    In this picture Johnson and Lincon both wanted what?
    Question Image
    Equal rights
    nothing at all
    This is not Johnson
    something to read
  • Q11
    who fought for rights in Texas
    no one fought for rights in texas
    Lulu Belle, Madison White, Hector Garcia, James farmer
    people did not want rights
    none of these
  • Q12
    19th Amendment did what?
    ended segregation
    ended slavery
    Gave women right to vote
    there is no 19th amendment
  • Q13
    Integrated Silicon Circuit was invented by whom?
    Jack Kiby
    None of these
    Ben Franklin
    Alexander Bell
  • Q14
    What did Barbara Jordan Accomplish?
    she sat on the whites only side of the bus
    First Women in Texas State Senate/First African American from South to be elected to congress
    None of these
    she is a white women who fought for civil rights
  • Q15
    The Tideland Controversy did what?
    made people move out of Texas
    none of these
    Made Texas a two-party system
    caused a civil war

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