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Unit 9 Exam Review

Quiz by Jenna Miah

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  • Q1

    Which of the following suggestion is most likely to reduce hostility b/w conflicting 

    give groups a  task that requires cooperation  

  • Q2

    Which of the following terms describes our geographic nearness to another person?



    Mere exposure effect


  • Q3

    Which of the following is an example of the mere exposure effect?

    Adrianna has started arriving tardy to her second period class to avoid a group of kids in the hall who constantly tease her.

    Guiren didn't like sushi the first couple of times he tried it, but his friend encouraged him to keep eating it and now it's one of his favorite foods.

    Daiyu has seen the same toothpaste ad on television a hundred times. Each time she sees it she hates it more.

    Abe has biked the same route to school so many times that he no longer has to think about where to turn.

  • Q4

    Putting himself in danger, Nish stood up to the bullies who were beating up Neel in a display of


    assuming responsibility 

    the bystander effect

    diffusion of responsibility 

  • Q5

    Sherif and his colleagues found that by providing hostile groups with _____, they were able to reduce tension as they worked together to solve problems.

    superordinate goals

    self-fulfilling prophecies

    mirror-image perceptions

  • Q6

    A situation in which the conflicting parties, by rationally pursuing their self-interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior is known as a

    bystander effect

    social trap 


    social responsibility norm 

  • Q7

    Lee feels that he cannot understand chemistry, so he gives up on doing the homework or studying for tests. When he fails chemistry he is demonstrating a(n)

    superordinate goal 

    enemy perception 

    self-fulfilling prophecy 

    mirror-image perception

  • Q8

    Brandt's football team just barely lost the state championship game after a questionable referee call. As a result, Brandt gets angry and starts shouting insults. Which of the following terms best identifies this chain of events?


    social scripts

    biochemical influences

    Frustration-aggression principle

  • Q9

    Dwayne is acting violently toward his friends and family. A PET scan of his brain may show

    decreased frontal lobe activity

    a decrease in the size of the hippocampus

    diminished activity in the amygdala

    enlarged ventricles

  • Q10

    Maggie is an excellent hockey player, and she is playing in the final hockey game of her high school career. The cheering of the fans causes her to score three goals in the game, a record for her. The most likely explanation for her performance is


    group behavior

    group polarization 

    social loafing

  • Q11

    Following a natural disaster, it is not uncommon for large groups of people to loot stores and take far more than they might need to help them survive the situation. This behavior is best explained by the concept of


    social facilitation 

    group polarization 


  • Q12

    Marie disagrees with the answer her math review group comes up with. She does not voice her own answer because she does not want to go against the group. Marie is being affected by

    social facilitation 


    group polarization 

  • Q13

    The enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, and traditions shared by a group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next is known as


    social loafing 



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