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  • Q1
    Which physical process is most responsible for the geographic formations in the northern Indian subcontinent?
    Hydrologic cycle
    Tectonic forces
  • Q2
    Which statement accurately describes monsoons in India?
    Summer monsoons bring heavy rainfall, while winter monsoons bring dry weather.
    Monsoons only affect the coastal regions of the Indian subcontinent.
    Monsoons bring heavy rainfall in all seasons in India.
    Winter monsoons bring heavy rainfall, while summer monsoons are fairly dry.
  • Q3
    Founded in the fifteenth century by Guru Nanak Dev, which monotheistic religion of India is characterized by a belief in a cycle of rebirth?
  • Q4
    Which of the listed characteristics are associated with Buddhism?
    Question Image
    1. Reincarnation 2. Siddhartha Gautama 4. Four Noble Truths 6. Muhammad
    1. Reincarnation 2. Siddhartha Gautama 3. Five Pillars 5. Eightfold Path
    1. Reincarnation 2. Siddhartha Gautama 4. Four Noble Truths 5. Eightfold Path
    1. Reincarnation 2. Siddhartha Gautama 3. Five Pillars 4. Four Noble Truths
  • Q5
    How did geography contribute to the creation of India's northern border?
    Question Image
    Nepal contains few resources of interest to India or China.
    The mountains form a natural boundary between India and other countries.
    The Ganges River is a natural boundary between India and China.
    North of the border is too cold to easily support life.
  • Q6
    Based on the map, Nepal and Bhutan differ from other South Asian countries because both are —
    Question Image
    geographically landlocked
    lacking freshwater sources
    on the border with India
    considered island nations
  • Q7
    Which cultural tradition still characterizes Indian society today despite being outlawed in 1947?
    Caste distinctions
    Praying five times a day
    Arranged marriages
  • Q8
    Why is the region of Kashmir a source of conflict among nations of South Asia?
    It is the only region dominated by Sikhs.
    Its people are predominantly Hindu, surrounded by an Islamic nation.
    It is an extremely poor region that often faces natural disasters.
    Its people are predominantly Islamic, though controlled by India.
  • Q9
    What is one way India’s rapid population growth has affected the environment of the region?
    Seismic activity has rapidly increased.
    Air and water pollution has worsened.
    Buildings in the region have been redesigned.
    Rainfall levels from monsoons have lessened.
  • Q10
    The Ganges has been considered a sacred river in Hinduism for thousands of years. Millions of Hindus perform religious rituals, such as purification rites and the disposal of the deceased, in the river. How have these long-practiced rituals affected the river today?
    The course of the river has been altered to feed into temples.
    The river is one of the cleanest rivers in the world since it is considered sacred.
    The level of the river has dropped due to considerable use.
    The river has become one of the most polluted in the world.
  • Q11
    Building in the style shown in the picture is important in Bangladesh because —
    Question Image
    providing space for large families is important
    increasing tourism has opened new rental markets
    adapting to the extensive flooding is necessary
    having storage for surplus crops is important
  • Q12
    Based on the information in the map, India’s largest cities are located in —
    Question Image
    central and northeast India
    northwest and southeast India
    southwest and northeast India
    east and northwest India
  • Q13
    While most people in India are practicing Hindus, the region is also home to —
    many large Catholic universities in the major cities
    several religious groups including Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs
    a few prominent Christian monasteries in former British colonial territory
    one of the largest Jewish communities living outside of Israel
  • Q14
    While both North America and South Asia experienced British colonization, cultural patterns in South Asia were more strongly influenced by —
    British literary and artistic styles
    rapid population growth
    European social customs
    ancient religious traditions
  • Q15
    Based on the information in the graphs, which issue is India likely to face in 2050?
    Question Image
    Providing education for a growing demographic of young children
    Finding well-paying jobs for young people entering the workforce
    Paying health care and expenses for growing numbers of elderly
    Avoiding political instability resulting from large population growth

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