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Unit Conversion Word Problems

Quiz by Williams5

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    A box contains 5 chocolate packs of 2 pounds each. What is the mass of the box in ounces?
  • Q2
    New Navy garment factory dyed 351 yards of silk blue and 589 yards white. How much silk did it dye in feet?
  • Q3
    Google painted some company offices green and red, using a total of 261 gallons of paint. Google used 86 gallons of green paint. How much red paint in quarts did Google use?
  • Q4
    Ellie bought 3 bags of onions from Safeway. There were 4 pound onions in each bag. How many ounces of onions did Ellie buy?
  • Q5
    Mother's Cookies bakery made 12 packs of cookies. There were 4 ounces of cookies in each pack. How many pounds of cookies did the bakery make in all?
  • Q6
    A baker made a pound of cake. She cut the cake into 8 equal slices. What is the weight of each slice of cake in ounces?
  • Q7
    A candy maker makes 8 pieces of candy each day. If each candy weighs an ounce. How many pounds of candy will the candy maker make in 4 days?
  • Q8
    Paul took 6 blocks and arranged them in a pile. If each block is 4 inches in height. How many feet high is the pile that Paul made?

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